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Heka As Oy apartments (housing company apartments) 

Heka’s As Oy apartments are located in housing companies in different parts of Helsinki.

The instructions on this page apply only to persons living in Heka’s As Oy -apartments. The instructions do not apply to the tenants of regular Heka rental apartments. 

Heka is not responsible for the property management or maintenance and cleaning services of these apartments, as these services are arranged by the housing company that the apartment is part of. 

These apartment used to be owned by Helsingin Asuntohankinta Oy Ab. 

The table of responsibilities for Heka’s As Oy apartments

The table below indicates which parts of the apartment and the maintenance and repair tasks are the responsibility of the housing company, which parts and tasks are the responsibility of Heka and which parts and tasks are the responsibility of the resident. The responsibility for maintenance and repair costs is also divided according to the table.

As a tenant, you have an obligation to take care of the entire apartment and all its facilities, such as the storage and balcony belonging to the apartment or the yard. You must also immediately notify Heka of any damage to the apartment and any shortcomings and defects that are the responsibility of Heka.

You are liable to compensate for any breakages and other damage that you have caused intentionally or negligently, even if the damaged part of the apartment is the responsibility of Heka for maintenance and repair. In determining the costs for repairing such damage, Heka refers to the fees set out in the Heka damage price list.

As the main tenant, you will also be held liable for any damage caused by your family members, subtenants and guests.

This table of responsibilities only applies to Heka’s As Oy apartments. The responsibilities related to ordinary Heka apartments shall be governed by Heka’s table of responsibilities.

Applying for As Oy apartments 

Almost all As Oy apartments already have residents. Applications for potentially vacant As Oy apartments are submitted to the City of Helsinki, as are applications for other Heka apartments. Heka does not process housing applications.