Resident data maintenance 

In order to keep the housing register up to date, please notify Heka of any changes in the information concerning the residents of the apartment. This is important as our maintenance staff will only open doors to persons marked in the housing register if they have, for instance, lost or forgotten their keys. The number of occupants in the apartment also affects the amount of the water advance payment in properties where we charge for water on the basis of consumption.

Notify Heka of a change in resident information when 

  • A new child is born in your family. Provide the child’s information for the housing register once the child has a name. 
  • A resident’s name changes. We will update the new surname in the housing register, on the name board in the stairway and on the front door of your apartment. 
  • Someone other than a party to the rental agreement, such as a spouse or child, moves into the apartment during your tenancy.  
  • Someone other than the person who leased the apartment, such as the family’s child who has come of age, moves out of the apartment.  

Notify Heka of any changes in the resident information using the service requests function at the Resident Portal.