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Club rooms

Almost all Heka properties feature club and hobby rooms intended for residents.

The resident committee (formerly the building committee), which prepares the rules for using the premises, makes decisions on their use. Residents can also reserve club rooms for personal use, such as birthday parties. 

It is a good idea for residents to brainstorm activities for the club rooms together at resident meetings or through the Heta application. The club rooms can be used for a variety of activities, such as meetings with coffee catering, Shrove Tuesday and May Day celebrations, Christmas parties, small-scale physical activities or homework clubs for children.  

In recent years, Heka has invested in club rooms. Residents have been able to influence the interior decoration of new and renovated club rooms. At the same time, the club rooms of older buildings have been refurbished. The residents themselves can decorate and develop the club rooms using the appropriations for customer activities.