Building management, property maintenance and cleaning 

The premises and courtyard areas of our properties are managed by approximately 350 property maintenance professionals. Our property managers are all part Heka’s own staff. Our more than one hundred cleaners and a number of service companies take care of the cleaning of common spaces. Each of our properties has a designated building manager.

Building management 

The building manager is an important link between Heka and our residents. The building manager works to ensure that living in a Heka apartment is easy and safe. The building manager is responsible for housing services, resident cooperation and many of the matters related to leases. The building manager informs the residents of the current issues of the property and is present in many housing situations. In addition, the building manager handles matters related to housing disturbances and other housing-related problems. The building manager coordinates safety issues related to the building and participates in the preparation of the budget and rent determination.  

You can contact the building manager of your property through our customer service. In matters related to resident democracy, you can reach your building manager most conveniently by sending a message via the Resident Portal.  


Approximately half of our buildings are cleaned by Heka’s own cleaners and, correspondingly, about half of the buildings are cleaned by service companies. We also purchase cleaning services for basic washing and to fill in for our own cleaners.  

The regular cleaner of a property knows the special features and needs of each building. The cleaner’s work includes, among other things, daily cleaning of the building’s common areas such as stairwells, saunas and laundry rooms. 

In the cleaning work, we use eco-labelled chemicals whenever an eco-labelled product is available. 

If you notice any defects in the cleaning of the common spaces in your building, submit a defect notification.  

Property maintenance 

Heka’s caretakers ensure that the courtyards are clean and that everything in the buildings works as it should. Our property maintenance is responsible for things such as the general maintenance of the properties, the maintenance of the outdoor areas and minor repairs.  

The maintenance areas are divided according to the city districts. In the evenings and at weekends, maintenance is carried out by on-call employees.   

Our goal is to fix sudden problems that require an immediate response. We strive to react to minor faults within three weekdays.   

If you notice something that needs to be repaired in your home or the common areas of your property, please submit a defect notification.  

Sustainable courtyard care 

In the planning, management and maintenance of our courtyards, we adhere to principles that ensure the preservation of biodiversity, the reduction of harmful environmental impacts, the management of storm waters, and overall safety and comfort.