Our customer service is closed on Friday 24 May 2024. Urgent defect notifications should be called to the on-call service number 09 5767 3100.

The common areas of buildings

Our buildings feature a variety of common areas for all residents to use.

The building committee decides on the principles of using the club rooms and the free public sauna time slots. The general rules include prohibitions related to the common areas. Many of our locations feature shared saunas and laundry rooms that residents can reserve.

Heka cleans the common areas according to the cleaning programme, but the residents are also responsible for the cleanliness. Leave the premises in good condition for the next user. Loitering and smoking in the common areas is prohibited. If you notice blown bulbs or other repair needs in common areas, submit a defect notification.

Close all doors and windows when you leave. If the room needs to be locked, make sure that the doors is locked properly.

Stairways and lifts

Do not store any items in stairways, storage room corridors or other passageways. Keep all passageways unobstructed.

Noise is easily carried from the stairway into the housing units, so please move along as quietly as possible.

Observe the operating instructions and weight restrictions of the lift. Do not use lifts during a fire or other emergency. Teach your children how to use the lift safely.

Keep your pets on a leash in the stairway.

The exterior door of the stairway is kept locked between 9 pm and 7 am. The front door is always locked in buildings that have a door code or intercom.

Shared storage areas

Some buildings have separate storage areas for baby carriages and strollers. Even if no separate storage areas are available, do not store them in stairways or other passageways.

Storing mopeds and other motorised vehicles in outdoor equipment storage rooms and similar spaces is prohibited. It is also not permitted to charge mopeds, bicycles or other vehicles in the storage rooms.

Heka cannot be held liable for any property stored in the storage rooms.

Over time, abandoned bikes and other means of transport are often accumulated in bicycle storage rooms. The cleanliness and usability of bicycle storage rooms can be improved by clearing out bicycles, kick scooter and other equipment that are broken or unaccounted for. If your bicycle storage room is in disarray, contact the building committee or property manager of your building. 

Shared laundry rooms

Evening and weekend time slots are usually the most popular with shared laundry rooms and drying rooms. As such, it is a good idea to use them in the morning or during the day on weekdays, if possible. Please do not make unnecessary bookings. Unused reservations are made available to others according to building-specific rules.

Pick up your laundry right away once it is dry to make the drying room available for the next user. Leave the laundry room and equipment clean for the next user. Pets are not permitted in the laundry room.

Washing carpets in a normal laundry room is prohibited, unless otherwise specified. Some buildings have special carpet washing rooms with equipment that can handle carpets. More information about the carpet washing rooms and reservations is available through the Resident Portal or our customer service.

Using the laundry room of your building or group of buildings is free.

Shared saunas

Most Heka properties feature shared saunas that residents can book in exchange for a fee. You can view the available time slots for your building and submit reservation requests via the Heka Resident Portal. Read more about extra housing services.

Building committees can agree upon free seasonal sauna time slots that are intended for all residents. These can be arranged when there are no paid sauna reservations.

You will extend the sauna’s life span and reduce maintenance costs by not getting the walls and benches of the sauna wet. Use a bench towel for hygienic reasons.

The following is prohibited in a sauna:

  • heating food on the stove
  • pouring fragrant substances on the stove
  • changing the fixed thermostat settings or pouring water on the thermostat
  • taking glass bottles in the sauna room and shower room
  • using colouring substances
  • taking pets in the sauna area
  • leaving odorous litter in the dressing room waste bins.

If you find that the temperature of the sauna room needs to be adjusted, submit a defect notification.

Club rooms 

Most Heka properties feature club and hobby rooms intended for residents. The building committee decides on the usage principles and informs the residents of its decisions. Read more about resident activities.