Terminating a lease agreement 

Always terminate the lease agreement in writing. The notice period for non-fixed-term lease agreements is one month.

It is recommended that you terminate the agreement as soon as the date for moving to another apartment has been confirmed or you know that you will no longer need your parking space or sauna reservation. 

The notice period of a non-fixed-term lease agreement is one month, which is calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which the termination was made. Example: the lease is terminated on 15 March, the notice period is calculated from the last day of March, and the lease agreement ends on 30 April. 

A fixed-term lease agreement cannot be terminated; instead, it ends when the deadline specified in the agreement expires. 

The tenant is responsible for paying the rent even during the notice period. 

The termination must always be made in writing. The most convenient way is to do it electronically. 

See the checklist for moving 

Read the checklist for moving to see all the things you need to take care of when you move. 

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Discarding furniture and other large items 

A move is an excellent opportunity to get rid of broken or unnecessary furniture, electrical appliances and other large items. However, leaving them at the property’s waste collection point is prohibited; you must take them to the correct location for recycling.