Our customer service is closed on Friday 24 May 2024. Urgent defect notifications should be called to the on-call service number 09 5767 3100.

Building rules of conduct

In order to maintain a pleasant and safe living environment for all residents, the rules of conduct are in effect in the building.

Shared facilities and outdoor areas

The building entrance is locked between 21.00 and 7.00. In buildings with a door code or door telephone, the entrance is always locked.

Avoid making unnecessary noise when using shared facilities. Unnecessary loitering in the shared facilities is prohibited.

Airing your apartment by keeping the apartment door open is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited in the stairwells, lifts and other shared indoor areas, shared balconies, access decks, the property’s outdoor areas (incl. near the entrances and air intakes, as well as children’s play areas) and car park. However, smoking is allowed outdoors in areas specifically designated by Heka, if available. In non-smoking buildings, smoking is also prohibited inside the apartments, on balconies, terraces and in gardens. This also applies to rental leases signed since 1 January 2021.

For fire safety reasons, personal property may only be stored in designated storage facilities. Storage of flammable or dangerous materials in shared storage facilities is prohibited. Car tyres (one set) may be stored in a personal storage compartment. No personal property of any kind may be stored in stairwells, access decks or basement hallways.

The use of dyeing agents is prohibited in the laundry room and sauna. Glass bottles and other glassware may not be taken into the bathrooms or saunas. Regular washing machines in the building’s laundry room may not be used to wash carpets or rugs.

Household waste must be taken to the designated waste collection points. Any instructions provided regarding waste sorting must be followed.

Lawns, plants, garden furniture, children’s play area equipment and other similar things must not be damaged.

Littering is prohibited in the shared facilities and outdoor areas. Cigarette butts may not be thrown down from balconies or discarded on the ground anywhere else on the property.

Ball games are not allowed in the car parks or the immediate vicinity of building windows.

Camping in the shared outdoor areas is prohibited.

No advertisements or signs may be posted. A satellite dish, an amateur radio antenna and other similar devices may only be installed on an apartment balcony, inside the railings, without damaging the balcony structures.

Dusting and drying laundry

Dusting carpets, rugs and bedclothes is only allowed in designated areas. Dusting and airing linen and drying laundry on a balcony is only allowed within the balcony railings.

Apartments and balconies

Please make sure not to disturb the other residents in the apartments and elsewhere on the property. Noise and other disturbances must be avoided, particularly between the hours of 22.00 and 7.00.

All apartments must be looked after carefully. Fire alarms must be inspected regularly and any faults must be reported as non-urgent matters.

Balconies must be kept tidy and excess snow must be removed in the winter. Personal property that increases the fire load or causes disturbances to other residents may not be stored on balconies. Using running water to clean a balcony is prohibited. Planters and other objects must be placed inside the railings. Parasols and other similar protective equipment must be firmly secured.

Using open flames and smoking food is prohibited on balconies, terraces and in gardens. Only electric BBQs are allowed on balconies. However, both gas and electric BBQs may be used on terraces and in gardens. Barbequing and smoking food in the shared yard area is only allowed in a specifically designated spot. Fire safety rules must always be observed.

You must contact the customer services or on-call number of your area’s office immediately if you detect a water leak or some other defect. Waste material that might clog up the pipes must not be allowed to enter the toilet or drains, either accidentally or on purpose.

Any pests spotted in the apartments or the outdoor areas must be reported to the area office’s customer services or on-call number immediately.


Parking is only allowed in designated areas. Guest parking spaces are reserved exclusively for visitors to the building.

The parking spaces are only intended for vehicles that are in use. Discarded or end-of-life vehicles or their parts are not to be kept in the car park or anywhere else on the property. A vehicle must fit into a parking space, including lengthwise, and it must not block other people’s access to their vehicles.

If unallocated parking spaces are available, one may be rented for a bicycle, as well.

The heating post access lids must be kept locked. The heating cable must be disconnected from the post after use. The heating posts must not be used to charge electric or hybrid vehicles.

Rules on idling must be observed in the yard and car park.

Car washing and maintenance are only allowed in specifically designated areas. However, tyres may be changed in the car park.


Pets must be kept on a lead when in the building stairwell or elsewhere on the property, so as to ensure the safety of other residents.

Pets may not be taken into the shared sauna, washing and laundry facilities.

When walking your pet, make sure that it does not soil or damage the property, yard, plants or building walls. Owners must clean up after their pets. Pets may not be exercised in children’s play areas or their immediate vicinity. Owners must ensure that their pets do not disturb their surroundings and the building’s residents with repeated noise.

Birds, squirrels or other wild animals may not be fed on balconies or anywhere else on the property.

Violation of the rules of conduct

Violating these rules of conduct may make you liable for damages or result in your lease being terminated.

Each resident is responsible for ensuring that their guests follow these rules.