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Smoking bans 

Heka has different smoking bans concerning apartments and properties depending on factors such as the year of construction and the start date of the lease agreement. Some of our properties are completely non-smoking. In all properties, the general rules ban smoking in common and shared spaces and in the courtyard, with the exception of any smoking areas.

The smoking restrictions also apply to e-cigarettes, with the exception of indoor smoking bans in accordance with Section 79 of the Tobacco Act.  

In non-smoking Heka buildings, the smoking ban is a condition of the lease agreement. In addition, the residents are reminded of the smoking ban with measures such as smoking ban signs. The smoking ban for common spaces is set out in the Tobacco Act and Heka’s general rules.  

In properties that are not non-smoking, authorities may impose a smoking ban on the basis of legislation such as the Tobacco Act. 

Smoking is prohibited in common spaces  

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor common spaces of Heka’s buildings.  

Smoking is forbidden in stairwells, lifts and other indoor spaces in common use, common balconies, access balconies and in the property’s courtyard or grounds (including the vicinity of entrance doors, air intakes and children’s play areas) and car park.  

However, smoking is allowed in the courtyard or the grounds at a smoking place specifically designated by Heka. In some properties, providing a smoking area in the courtyard or the grounds is not possible.  

Smoking in a non-smoking building is a breach of contract  

All Heka’s new buildings and renovated properties whose construction or renovation started after May 2016 are completely non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited in the indoor areas of the apartments, on the balconies and in the outdoor areas belonging to the apartments, as well as in common spaces. Smoking e-cigarettes is also prohibited in these buildings. Non-smoking properties have marked smoking areas that are usually located in the courtyard of the building. Smoking in a non-smoking property outside the smoking area is a breach of contract. Breach of contract may lead to cancellation or termination of the lease. 

Smoking bans in Heka’s buildings 

Does your neighbour’s smoking disturb you? 

If your apartment is subject to disturbing cigarette smoke or if people smoke in a non-smoking property, report this to Heka.