Paying rent and other fees 

Pay the rent and any other monthly fees by the fourth day of the month. The easiest way to pay the rent is to enable e-invoicing.

Due dates 

Pay the apartment rent monthly by the fourth day of each month. Any other fees, such as parking space, sauna and laundry fees, usually have the same due date as the apartment rent. 

Payment details 

In December, we will send a combined invoice for the payment of the following year’s rent and other recurring fees. This combined invoice includes the account number for the rent and other fees. Use the reference number indicated on the combined invoice when paying the rent. 

You can always check the status and payment details of your rent and other fees on Heka’s Resident Portal. 

If you have any questions about housing fees, please contact our customer service via Resident Portal, for example. 

Advance water fee 

If you pay for water in accordance with consumption, we will add an advance water fee of EUR 15 per person per month to your rental invoice based on the number of inhabitants according to the register of occupants. 

Other fees 

If you rent a parking space from Heka or have a sauna slot agreement, their fees are added to your monthly rental invoice. 

Read more about parking spaces, sauna slots and other additional housing services 

We do not require a security deposit or rental deposit from our tenants. 

Enable e-invoicing

E-invoicing is an easy and eco-smart way to take care of rent payments. The invoice comes directly to your online bank, so that all payment information on the invoice is always automatically correct, eliminating the possibility of a typing error.

Enabling e-invoicing also reduces the environmental load, as it reduces unnecessary paper consumption and the use of natural resources. The average climate impact of a paper invoice is four times that of an e-invoice.

To enable e-invoicing in your online bank, search for ‘e-invoice.’ Search for an invoicer named ‘Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy,’ and fill out the form. Once you have accepted the agreement, you will receive invoices directly to your online bank in the future. 

If you wish to change or cancel your e-invoice subscription, please do so on the day following the original subscription date of the e-invoice, at the earliest.

Detailed information on how to enable e-invoicing can be found on your bank’s website. 

Housing allowance

If you receive housing allowance, it must be directed to be paid directly to the lessor’s, i.e. Heka’s, account. If necessary, Heka is allowed to provide Kela and the social authorities with information on the tenant’s rent payment.