A safe home is the sum of many factors. Please take good care of your apartment and the common areas of the building. Taking care of fire safety, locking doors and windows as well as using electrical devices appropriately will prevent many accidents. That said, it is impossible to prevent all accidents through your own actions. This is why it is a good idea to take out a home insurance policy.

If you notice that your apartment or building has a fault that deteriorates the safety of living, submit a defect notification immediately. 

Take out a home insurance policy that meets your needs 

It is impossible to prevent some risks, such as break-ins or property-wide damage, through your own actions. Heka’s property insurance covers all damage to the property but does not include damage caused to the property of residents or other costs. For this reason, the safest bet is to take out a home insurance policy that meets your specific needs.  

Study the rescue plan of your property 

Every Heka property has a rescue plan, which provides information on various risks and their consequences as well as the relevant safety arrangements. The rescue plan also lists the important telephone numbers related to the property and hazardous situations. You can find a link to your building’s rescue plan on the web page of your location. 

Fire safety 

A functioning smoke detector can save your life. The law states that every housing unit must have a smoke detector, and the resident must test its operation on a monthly basis. Heka installs smoke detectors in all apartments. Testing the smoke detector is always the resident’s responsibility, regardless of who procured it. 

It is also a good idea to equip your home with first-aid extinguishing equipment, such as a fire blanket and powder extinguisher. Learn how to use them, and have the extinguishers maintained at a servicing company supervised by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency. 

Test the smoke alarm regularly

Test the smoke alarm regularly each month by pressing the button the device for a few seconds. If the detector sounds an alarm, it is in working order. If an alarm cannot be heard, the detector is faulty. If your apartment does not have a functioning smoke detector, submit a defect notification. 

Clean dust off the smoke detector regularly either by vacuuming it carefully with a narrow attachment or wiping it lightly with a moist cloth. Do not open the smoke detector! 

Electrical appliances 

Commission the installations and repairs of electrical devices from professionals. Do not use electrical devices that are in poor condition. Disconnect electrical devices from the socket by pulling the cord by the plug, not the cord. When selecting a bulb for a light fixture, do not exceed the specification of the device. Position household appliances in such a way that there is unobstructed space for ventilation around them. If necessary, vacuum dust off the exterior of the devices. Do not cover electrical radiators or extra heaters. 


A cigarette that is not put out properly can easily start a fire that progresses slowly and generates toxic gases that inhibit vital functions. Smoking in bed or on the sofa is risky because the smoker is often asleep if a fire is ignited. You should be very careful when smoking when tired or under the influence of alcohol. 

Candles and outdoor candles 

Do not burn candles on bookshelves, televisions or other electrical devices or in the vicinity of any other flammable materials. 

Only burn candles on fireproof surfaces. Never leave a candle burning unattended or a child or pet alone near a burning candle. 

Outdoor candles are not intended for use on balconies. In addition to this, do not burn them on a porch or under a canopy. 


Many fires start in the sauna when flammable material is left near the stove. Never dry laundry above the sauna stove or near, even when the stove is off. Make sure that nothing flammable is near the stove when you start heating it. 

Stairway and other common areas 

Items left in stairways and other common areas present a fire hazard. Storing bicycles, baby carriages and other items in stairways and other common areas is prohibited. Do not store flammable or hazardous substances or materials in the common areas of the building. 

Keep the doors of public and common areas locked. Also lock basements, attics and storage rooms, and keep them clean. 

The driveways leading to the building must remain unobstructed. They must not be blocked by incorrect parking or in any other way. If a rescue route has been separately signposted for the property, it is prohibited to park on the route or obstruct it in any other way.