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Lease agreement harmonisation

Heka will be harmonising tenants’ lease agreements in stages by 2026. This will involve updating the content of tenants’ lease agreements so that in the future all of our tenants are subject to the same terms.

This page provides information on the schedule of lease agreement harmonisation and any resulting changes to your residency as well as instructions on how to update your contact information and sign the new lease.

Harmonisation in a nutshell

  • Heka will be harmonising tenants’ lease agreements in stages by 2026.
  • Wait for contact from Heka: we will send you a letter by post when it is time to harmonise your lease agreement. A new lease will be drafted for your current home to replace the existing lease agreement.
  • You will continue to live at Heka in your current home when you sign the new lease.
  • The changes made to the terms of the lease will concern the following areas: smoking indoors, water charges, moving day, responsibilities for the maintenance of the outdoor facilities of apartments, invoices for damage and data protection.
  • The harmonisation is not connected to any rent increases or Heka savings. The lease agreement harmonisation will not affect rent.

Lease agreement harmonisation to improve tenant equality

Heka has many different kinds of lease agreements, and these agreements have not been updated consistently before. The terms of our lease agreements concerning things like smoking, water charges and the moving day vary depending on when the agreement was made. The harmonisation is necessary to ensure that all our lease agreements comply with current legislation.

To ensure resident satisfaction

The harmonisation process is aimed at improved resident comfort by making sure that all residents live in Heka housing under the same terms and conditions.

The number of lease agreements that need to be harmonised is approximately 34,000, which accounts for the majority of Heka lease agreements. The harmonisation does not apply to tenants

  • whose lease agreement started on or after 1 January 2022, as the terms of these agreements are already in line with the new lease agreement model
  • who are living in a building that will undergo renovations starting in 2025 or 2026.

You will continue to live at Heka when you sign the new lease

Your home will remain at Heka despite the harmonisation process. A new lease will be drafted for your current home to replace the existing lease agreement. This means that your tenancy will continue uninterrupted when you sign the new lease agreement by the specified deadline.

Await a letter from Heka

The lease agreements will be harmonised in stages. When the process reaches your area, you will receive a letter from Heka with instructions on how to sign the new lease. We will also be updating your contact information at the same time.

The harmonisation will change some of the essential terms of the lease agreement, for which we require the tenant’s consent. If you do not accept the new terms of the lease and refuse to sign the new lease agreement, Heka will terminate your lease. During the notice period, Heka will offer you the option to sign a new lease with the new terms. If you do not sign a new lease during the notice period, your time with Heka will end at the end of the notice period. The notice period is six months.

Estimated harmonisation schedule

We will be carrying out the harmonisation so that the first updated lease agreements enter into effect on 1 September 2024, with the rest entering into effect in stages during 2026.

How to sign the new lease agreement

  • Heka will send you a letter with instructions

    As the main tenant, you will receive a letter from Heka when you need to sign the new lease agreement. The letter will contain instructions for signing the new agreement. A letter will be addressed to each main tenant.

  • Provide Heka with your updated contact information

    We need the current email addresses and telephone numbers of the main tenants of the apartment for the electronic signing of the lease. Please provide us with your contact information by following the instructions in the letter.

  • Sign the new lease agreement electronically

    Once you have provided your current contact information to Heka, we will send you and any other main tenants a new lease to sign electronically. If you are unable to sign the lease electronically, we will offer you the opportunity to sign the lease using a pen.

Key changes to lease agreements

Indoor smoking ban to be included in all Heka lease agreements

Heka still has a large number of lease agreements that do not include any kind of smoking ban and locations where smoking bans only apply to shared facilities. As a result, smoking is a common topic in the notifications submitted to Heka, as there are Heka buildings where smoking is permitted in some apartments, but prohibited in others. The current situation concerning smoking bans is very complicated for both tenants and Heka’s staff.

Heka has also applied for smoking bans for some of its locations in accordance with the Tobacco Act, but the process is slow and laborious. The harmonisation of lease agreements is the most efficient and quickest way of imposing a consistent smoking ban on all Heka apartments. Smoking is allowed in the yard or plot in a smoking area designated by Heka, if such an area can be designated.

Following the harmonisation of our lease agreements, all Heka lease agreements will include a ban on smoking inside the apartment and in the outdoor facilities of the apartment, which will increase equality between tenants. The indoor smoking ban will also increase housing comfort, improve housing health and reduce the property damage and subsequent repair needs caused by smoking. The smoking ban is in line with the objectives outlined in the Finnish Tobacco Act.

Frequently asked questions about new leases

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