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Water charges and water consumption

In buildings with apartment-specific water meters, the tenant usually pays a water charge according to their water consumption. If there is no apartment-specific water meter, water is included in the rent.

Water charges

Water included in the rent

If there is no apartment-specific water meter, water is included in the rent. In some properties the water is included in the rent. The use of water is included in the rental amount in the rent calculation. This means that the rent in these properties is slightly higher than it would be if the water was billed separately. Thus, the resident does not use the water free of charge but pays for the water in connection with his rent according to the average water consumption.

Water charge based on consumption

In some Heka propeties, a resident pays for water according to actual consumption. At the moment, water consumption is invoiced with a monthly water bill according based to your actual consumption or every three months with advance payments.

Monthly water bill

You will be sent a separate water bill according to your actual consumption on a monthly basis. We have sent additional information about water billing to all tenants subject to monthly water billing on December 2023.

The water consumption for example January will be invoiced in February, and the invoice will be due in March.

Please note that in January 2024 you will receive a water bill for the period October–December 2023. If you receive a credit note and have no debt, you can deduct the credit amount from your next month’s rent.

The advance water charge is 15 euros per month per tenant

Consumption-based water billing uses advance invoicing. An advance water charge of €15/person/month will be added to the rent invoice, based on the number of occupants listed in the register of occupants. For example, the advance water charge for a family of four will be 4 x 15 euros, i.e. a total of 60 euros a month.

The advance water charge is invoiced based on the number of occupants recorded in the register of occupants. If there are changes to the number of occupants, e.g. someone in your household has moved out, or a baby is born into the family, you need to inform Heka of these changes on the Resident Portal.

If an underage child registered as living in the apartment lives in the apartment only some of the time (every other week, for example), the advance water payment can be halved for the children. Request halving of the advance water payment via the Resident Portal, for example. 

Advance water payments cannot be interrupted for the duration of a holiday or a longer period of time spent away from home. 

Balance invoicing is every three months 

We will send you a balancing invoice every three months, in which the advance you have paid will be taken into consideration. The billing rhythm:

  • January-March, billing in April
  • April-June, billing in July
  • July-September, billing in October
  • October-December, billing in January.

Refunding of advance water payment 

If the consumption of water during the invoicing period is lower than the paid advance water payment, the difference will be refunded to the resident. 

If you do not have rent or other debt to be paid to Heka, you can deduct the refund from your next month’s rent. 

If at the time of invoicing, you have rent or other debt to be paid to Heka, we will transfer the refund to cover it.  

If you do not deduct the refund from your rent yourself, you can request that the excess you have paid be returned to your account once the refundable sum is over EUR 10. 

If the consumption of water during the invoicing period is higher than the advance water payment, we will invoice you for the share not paid in the advance payment every three months with so-called balance invoices i.e. water bills.  

Water consumption

The average Heka resident consumes 152 litres of tap water in a day. At the current pace, washing yourself takes 60 litres, flushing the toilet takes 40 litres, working in the kitchen takes 35 litres and washing the laundry takes 20 litres, all in a single day. You can track your average water consumption rate through your property’s own page and resident pages.

The water in Helsinki is soft. You should, therefore, use detergent according to the instructions for the smallest dosage.