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Decision-making and management

The Heka board manages the operations of the company in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act. The management team leads the operational activities of Heka.

The management team assists the CEO in the operational management of the company and in preparing strategical issues and matters to be discussed at Board meetings. The company’s Board of Directors decides on the composition of the management team.

Members of the management team:

  • CEO Jaana Närö 
  • Director of Customer Relations Päivi Jokinen 
  • HR Director HR-johtaja Marita Ailio 
  • Director of Building Management Pekka Pirinen 
  • Property Director Vesa Jurmu 
  • General Counsel  Sanna Auressalmi 
  • Director of Housing Development Vesa Nevala 
  • Director of Finance Raija Anjala. 

The Board steers Heka’s operations  

The Heka board consists of seven members and two deputy members. Two of the board members are City of Helsinki office-holders, three have background as an elected official and two are proposed by residents. Of the two deputy members of the Heka board, one is a City of Helsinki office-holder and one proposed by residents.

The proposals for members of the Board of Directors are processed by the Group Division of the Helsinki City Board, which steers and monitors the operations of the city’s subsidiaries. The Group Division invites the General Meeting representative to elect the members of the Board of Directors. Heka’s General Meeting elects the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.  

The term of office of the board is two years. The term starts at the regular general meeting and lasts until the general meeting held two years after the appointment.

The members and deputy members of the Heka board are:

  • chair Harry Bogomoloff, elected official, councillor (National Coalition Party)
  • member Reeta Niemisvirta, elected official (National Coalition Party)
  • member Jessica Karhu, elected official (GREENS)
  • member Tuula Saxholm, City office-holder, finance director
  • member Hanna Dhalmann, City office-holder, housing programme manager
  • member Sebastian Franckenhaeuser, resident representative
  • member Pirjo Salo, resident representative
  • deputy member Kari Pudas, City office-holder
  • deputy member Marko Ekqvist, resident representative.