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Only park your car in the designated spaces. Unauthorised parking may cause hazardous situations and obstruct access to the property premises. Depending on the property, you can rent a parking space in the parking area, garage or parking facility. Some Heka locations have parking spaces for charging electric vehicles.

The residents of some buildings may have access to parking spaces in the parking facility, garage or area of a separate parking company.

Parking space, parking facilities and garages 

The parking spaces are only intended for vehicles that are being used. Abandoned or decommissioned vehicles or their parts may not be stored in the property area, and the owner of each vehicle in question is responsible for the costs of their removal. As a general rule, it is also prohibited to store vehicles for extended periods of time in the property area, even in leased parking spaces.

The car must fit inside the parking space, also lengthwise, and the car must not make it difficult for others to access their cars.

If parking spaces are available, you can also rent one for storing bicycles.

Charging an EV from a post intended for heating vehicles is prohibited.

Garages are intended for storing motor vehicles and items related to their use. Using a garage for any other purpose is forbidden. Do not store flammable liquids and gases in a garage in addition to the fuel in the vehicle’s tank.

Reserving and paying for a parking space

You can view your property’s available parking spaces and submit a reservation request through Heka’s Resident Portal.

A written agreement must be made for renting a parking space. The price for the parking space is usually paid each month in connection to rent. Read more about extra housing services

Parking space agreements are always terminated in writing through the Resident Portal, for example. The notice period for a parking space is one calendar month.

Electric car charging points

If you are in need of a charging point, please contact our customer service. We will determine if there are any charging points available in your location. 

Users of a parking space must register for the Virta service to receive an RFID. You can use the ID to charge your car at all charging points connected to the Virta service, in addition to your own parking space. The Virta service will charge you for the electricity you use across the various charging points, including the Heka parking space.  

Guest spaces

The guest parking spaces are intended for short-term visitors to the building only. The guest spaces are usually indicated with signs, and the parking time is limited. If there are no designated guest spaces, visitors must park on the side of the road according to the traffic rules. 

Unauthorised parking

Parking in a private area without the permission of the property owner or holder is prohibited. The terms and conditions regarding parking are indicated on traffic signs or signposts in the area. A municipal or private parking supervisor may impose a fine for unauthorised parking.

A car parked without authorisation in the property area, especially on a maintenance or rescue route, presents a safety risk. A vehicle that causes a hazard or prolonged obstruction may be towed away at the cost of the vehicle owner.

Service access

The following service vehicle traffic to the site is permitted:

  • necessary traffic related to property maintenance and guarding
  • goods distribution and the transport of heavy or otherwise cumbersome items
  • transport of persons with limited functional capacity and mobility
  • picking up and dropping off a taxi customer
  • driving a vehicle when the driver’s mobility is impaired

Engine and interior heaters

When using engine and interior heaters, observe the general rules and possible building-specific instructions. Avoid using heaters unnecessarily. Using an engine heater is recommended if the outdoor temperature is lower than +5°C.

Do not leave the heater cord hanging in the power socket housing when it is not being used. Keep the housing locked at all times and detach the heater cord from the socket after use. The maintenance personnel are entitled to collect loose hanging and damaged cords. You can contact Heka’s customer service to get them back.

Using an interior heater by connecting it to the power post of parking space may be prohibited if the electrical system cannot supply the requisite power. Contact our customer service to make sure whether or not you can use an interior heater in your parking space. At the same time, you will also be informed of the permitted power level.

Charging an EV from a post intended for heating vehicles is prohibited. Some Heka locations have parking spaces for charging electric vehicles. For the present, a separate fee is not charged for a charging space. Instead, the price of the space is determined according to the price of a parking space with the heating option.