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Maintaining the interior of an apartment 

By cleaning regularly, monitoring the condition of the home and addressing any deficiencies, you will ensure that your apartment stays in good condition. This page also provides instructions on windows, doors and locks.

Windows, doors and locks 

If your apartment features double doors to the stairway, keep both doors closed so that sounds from the stairway do not disturb you in your home or vice versa.  

When leaving your home for an extended period to take a holiday trip, for example, dead bolt the outer door of your apartment. However, it must be possible to exit the apartment without a key in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Leave the safety locks and door chains open if maintenance workers will be coming to your apartment to conduct inspections or repairs of which you have been notified in advance.  

You can install a safety lock, door chain and peephole in your door at your own cost. You must ask permission to install a safety lock from Heka via the Resident Portal, for example. If you install a safety lock in your apartment, it is a good idea to provide one safety lock key to Heka’s maintenance personnel. If you move away and the safety lock, door chain and peephole are left in place without compensation, you must hand over the safety lock keys to Heka. Alternatively, you can cleanly install appropriate covers in place of the safety lock and peephole. 

Heka is responsible for washing the exteriors of fixed windows and balcony glazing. Each resident is responsible for washing the interiors of windows and balcony glazing.  

If the apartment windows feature blinds provided by Heka, Heka will replace them, if necessary. The resident is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the blinds.  

Maintaining floor surfaces 

When washing floors, walls and other surfaces, pay attention to the amount of water to make sure that you do not cause water damage or damage the surface materials when cleaning. Instructions for washing various floor materials and bathroom surfaces are available from the Martha organisation, for example.  

Bathroom surfaces are exposed to moisture every day. Continuous moisture that does not dry off completely creates favourable growing conditions for mould and bacteria. Dry the surfaces carefully and clean them regularly.  Regularly check that the bathroom’s exhaust air vent is clean and air is properly replaced. Clean the exhaust vent, if necessary.

Maintaining walls and ceilings 

You can attach a moderate number of pictures, mirrors and lamps to walls using hooks. You can also attach your own light fixtures to the ceiling.

It is strictly prohibited to make holes in the wall surfaces of bathrooms.

The small holes left behind when installing and then removing pictures, mirrors and lamps are regarded as normal wear and tear and do not need to be patched up. If a resident has made large holes in or caused significant damage to the walls or ceilings, the resident must provide compensation for the repair costs. Wallpapering the walls is not permitted.