Community mediation

If there are disagreements between neighbours, a neighbourhood mediator helps the parties find common ground. Community mediators are residents of Heka, trained by the Community Mediation Centre and Heka, who mediate differences between the residents.

The aim of community mediation is to increase communication between residents and the sense of community in the building. The mediator listens, promotes communication and helps the parties resolve their disputes. The mediator shall not comment on who is right or wrong and shall be bound by professional secrecy. Community mediators do not mediate conflicts in their own property.

Community mediation is voluntary work with no renumeration. Mediation is carried out in pairs and often together with professionals from the Community Mediation Centre (Naapuruussovittelun keskus).

Issues to be resolved can include, for example, disruptive behaviour and the use of common spaces, problems in cooperation between housing committees, or conflicts related to different lifestyles.

Do not hesitate to contact without delay

Community mediators can be contacted through the Community Mediation Centre. More detailed information can be found on the Community Mediation Centre website .​

Mediation is usually initiated by property managers, housing counsellors, the police and social workers, but residents can also contact the Community Mediation Centre directly.

In conflict situations, it is advisable to contact the Community Mediation Centre without delay and agree on the best way forward. The community mediator will contact all parties concerned, granted that the mediator is provided with their contact details.