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Resident committee

The heart of the resident activities is the resident committee (formerly the building committee), which includes the active residents of Heka buildings. The resident committee decides on many things regarding the building and organises bees and other community activities for building residents. The most important meeting of the year is the resident meeting, which also elects the members of the resident committee.

You can be involved in the resident activities even if you are not interested in the more formal operations. Yard work bees and other events are great ways to meet your neighbours, and the club room can be used to hold many kinds of activities from homework clubs to birthday parties, with the resident committee’s permission. Do not hesitate to get involved in resident activities!  

Resident meeting 

If you would like information about the affairs of your building, it is a good idea to take part in the resident meetings. The resident committee or trustee convenes the meeting at least once per calendar year by delivering an invitation to each apartment and commercial space. 

In the resident meetings held in the autumn, the members of the resident committees of the Heka buildings, and possible Heka representatives, go through matters related to the residential building in question. The topics can range from determining the rent, possible renovations and yard work to other current matters.   

In the resident meeting, other residents also have the opportunity to voice their thoughts and ideas about the common topics. 

The resident meetings also decide on the use of the resident committee’s appropriation. Heka grants an appropriation for resident activities which the resident committee uses for various purposes, such as small purchases for the yard area or club room as well as joint celebrations and bees for the residents. Through resident meetings, you can influence how your building’s resident activity appropriations are used. 

The resident meetings also select the members of the resident committee. Alternatively, a trustee and a deputy can be elected. The representative has the same rights and duties as the resident committee.  

The meeting also selects other representatives for various tasks. 

Resident committee and its tasks 

The resident committee consists of a chairperson as well as members and deputy members elected by the resident meeting. Anyone can get involved in the activities of the resident committee: The committee members for all residents are elected through open resident meetings. A meeting invitation is distributed to each home, and it is also posted on the noticeboards.

The duty of the resident committee is to promote the comfort of living, communality and safety of the building or buildings. The resident committee serves as the representative of building residents, maintains contact with Heka and organises activities for the residents. Among other things, the resident committee decides on the use of the shared craft and club rooms, bee activities and the planting of seasonal plants. 

You can find the contact details of the resident committee on the noticeboards of your building.  

The duties of the resident committee can also be handled by a trustee elected in place of the resident committee. 

You can read more about the resident committee’s duties in the resident democracy by-law (tenant democracy by-law). 

Building safety representatives 

A building safety officer and a deputy are usually selected for all the locations. In addition, a civil defence shelter caretaker is selected for the civil defence shelter of each property. These officials are normally selected in resident meetings.