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Responsible Heka

Our responsibility programme is based on Heka’s strategy.

The picture shows excerpts from Heka's responsibility actions and illustrative icons. The picture shows the texts "Responsibility at Heka 2022", "Tenant net promoter score or NPS:+49", "We took part of the national Down a Degree campaign", "The first geothermal systems were installed", "Renovations were completed in 918 apartments", "Tenant satisfaction with the management of environmental issues 3.77/5 , "90 percent of the staff are satisfied with Heka as an employer"

Our most important areas of responsibility are:

  • Satisfied tenants
  • A healthy and knowledgeable work community
  • Sustainable property maintenance and construction
  • Fair business activities

Our responsibility goals by area:

Satisfied tenants

  • Living comfort and tenant satisfaction improve from the previous year or stay at the same level.
  • Electronic services and participation opportunities are improved.
  • Tenants’ influencing opportunities are improved and made more agile.

A healthy and knowledgeable work community

  • Our employees are satisfied and motivated.
  • Work ability remains good and working is safe.
  • Every employee has the correct information and tools to carry out their own work.

Sustainable property maintenance and construction

  • The energy consumption of our building stock is carbon neutral by 2030.
  • The energy efficiency of our properties improves year after year.
  • Our operations are characterised by innovation and pioneership.
  • Reduction of environmental impact by managing buildings and yards sustainably.

Fair business activities

  • The company’s rents stay affordable.
  • The number of evictions due to arrears does not increase compared to the previous year.
  • The number of data breaches is lower than in the previous year.
  • Data protection is an integral part of procurement and process planning.
  • 100% of our procurements are carried out taking into account the responsibility of the procurement throughout its entire life-cycle.

Read our responsibility report (in Finnish)