Operations and goals

Heka is wholly owned by the City of Helsinki. Our goal is not to generate profit and we do not pay dividends.​ Heka has about 54,500 apartments in more than 500 locations around Helsinki.

The City of Helsinki selects our residents.​ The Helsinki Housing Production Department is in charge of new construction and deep renovations.

Heka owns approximately 1,650 As Oy apartments in total, the majority of which are leased out to the City of Helsinki’s Social Services and Health Care Division. The number of Heka housing company apartments in regular rental use is approximately 500–650.​

In addition to regular rental apartments, Heka has 44 special housing locations providing a total of approximately 3,000 apartments. ​ The apartments are rented to the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division, which in turn rents them to older people, persons with intellectual disabilities and substance abuse and mental health rehabilitees, for example.

Heka employs approximately 700 people.


Affordable, high-quality and safe housing at heart of Heka’s strategy.

Our key strategic goals for 2022–2025 include:

  • Affordability
  • Equality and efficient operations
  • Satisfied residents
  • Responsibility
  • Attractiveness as an employer.

Our vision is to provide best day-to-day living. We are the most influential rental housing operator.

To ensure that living in Heka remains affordable in the future, we are constantly reviewing our operations in terms of the economic and efficiency . We regularly monitor financial risks in accordance with our risk management plan. To reduce expenses, we implement cost-saving measures. We focus on the functionality of our services, developing resident activities and providing new ways of participation for residents, for example with the help of digital services. 

Responsibility is evident in all areas of our operation. Our work for the environment is constantly evolving and being measured. Heka has been awarded an EcoCompass certificate for exemplary management of environmental affairs, and we are meticulously complying with the certificate’s policies. We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our new and renovated buildings. We are implementing the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2030 action plan by employing renewable energy solutions, among other things.

Our work community is our most vital resource, so we focus on our staff’s occupational wellbeing and skill development. It is important to us that our competent staff members feel well and work in roles that suit them. We also want to be an attractive workplace.

Our strategy illustration highlights a key fact – that we provide the best everyday housing in all of our rental homes.