In buildings with apartment-specific water meters, the tenant usually pays a water charge according to their water consumption. If there is no apartment-specific water meter, water is included in the rent.

Water included in the rent

If there is no apartment-specific water meter, water is included in the rent. In most of our properties the water is included in the rent. The use of water is included in the rental amount in the rent calculation. This means that the rent in these properties is slightly higher than it would be if the water was billed separately. Thus, the resident does not use the water free of charge but pays for the water in connection with his rent according to the average water consumption.

Water charge based on consumption

In about one in four Heka propeties, a resident pays for water according to actual consumption. At the moment, water consumption is invoiced every three months without advance payments. From January 2022 onwards, we move to monthly advance charges.

Invoice prices for water as of 1 January 2023

Price of cold domestic water 1,64 € m²+ price of wastewater 1,93 € / m² = price charged for cold water 3,57 € / m²

+ water heating 4,92 € / m² = price charged for hot water 8,49 €/ m².

The advance water charge will be 15 euros per month per tenant

The sum of the advance water charge is based on the number of occupants in your home. An advance water charge of €15/person/month will be added to the rent invoice, based on the number of occupants listed in the register of occupants. For example, the advance water charge for a family of four will be 4 x 15 euros, i.e. a total of 60 euros a month.  

The advance water charge is invoiced based on the number of occupants recorded in the register of occupants. If there are changes to the number of occupants, e.g. someone in your household has moved out, or a baby is born into the family, you need to inform Heka of these changes on the Resident Portal (Service requests - Submit a notice of moving in or Submit a notice of moving out).

We will send you a balancing invoice every three months, in which the advance you have paid will be taken into consideration. The billing rhythm:

  • January-March, billing in April
  • April-June, billing in July
  • July-September, billing in October
  • October-December, billing in January.

If your water consumption during the invoicing period exceeds the advance water charge paid, we will charge you for the unpaid sum.  

If you have consumed less water during the three-month invoicing period than what you have paid the advance for, and the the surplus to be returned is under 10 euros, it will be automatically paid towards your next rent. If you owe rental debt or other debt to Heka, we will transfer the surplus to cover the debt. 

We will pay the surplus advance to you at your request if it exceeds 10 euros. Submit your banking details on the Resident Portal (Settings - My information).

If you have received an advance payment credit invoice for water payment and you do not have rent or other debt to Heka, you can deduct the credit from your next month's rent. If you do not deduct the refund from your rent yourself, you can request to have the excess payment refunded to your account once the refund amount exceeds EUR 10. 
The amount of the credit does not automatically reduce the amount of rent to be paid with the next month's e-invoice. If you have an e-invoice, deduct the share of the credit from the rent you normally pay in online banking.

If you pay the rent yourself in online banking on a monthly basis, deduct the refund from the total amount you normally paid.

If necessary, you can get further instructions from the Lease secretarys in your area.