If any conflicts arise during your rental term, please contact the Building Management of your location to resolve the issues. Conflict situations include matters such as rental compensation and damage claims. If the conflict in question is related to rental payments, please contact the Lease Control Division of your area. Negotiating on the issue and finding common ground is usually the most affordable and easiest way to resolve any conflicts.

Please check your lease agreement first to see if it contains any information on the matter. Heka’s website also has instructions related to housing matters. 

If you require legal advisory services on matters related to your tenancy, you can contact one of the following parties, for example: 

Lawyers working at Heka cannot offer legal advice to tenants.

If a resolution cannot be found to the conflict between you and Heka through the negotiations, you can refer the case to be processed by Consumer Disputes Board or the District Court

However, before referring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, you will need to contact consumer advisory services.