The waste facilities in most of Heka’s buildings have separate containers for biowaste, plastic packaging, paper, paperboard, glass, metal and mixed waste.

Sorting waste correctly affects waste management costs and allows for valuable raw materials to be recycled. Tidy waste collection facilities make waste management smooth and are pleasant to visit.

Keep the waste collection point clean

It is important to keep the waste collection points tidy, as biowaste left outside waste bins attracts rats. An untidy waste collection point is also a hygiene risk – and does not make taking out the rubbish very pleasant. The removal of waste bags and objects left outside waste bins incurs additional costs for Heka. 

This is how you keep the waste collection facility and its surroundings tidy:

  • Tie mixed waste bags to prevent the rubbish from flying out of the bag into the facility or yard. 
  • Pack biowaste in decomposable packaging, such as a newspaper, a paper bag or a store-bought biowaste bag. 
  • Take apart or flatten paperboard and cardboard packages and pack them inside each other. This helps fill the waste containers tightly so that the waste truck does not need to carry air. 
  • Close the lid of the waste bin so that the waste stays in the bin and does not attract rats or other animals. 
  • The bins closest to the waste room door are usually filled first. If there are several containers for the same type of waste in the waste room, they should be filled evenly. 
  • Discarded furniture, household appliances or other large objects do not belong in the waste bin and must be disposed of properly. Learn how to dispose of large objects.

Problems in the waste collection facility?

The right frequency for emptying the waste bins helps keep the waste space tidy and saves on waste management costs. If you think that waste bins are emptied too seldom or too often, or that a waste bin has not been emptied, please notify the Heka regional office. 

We are developing waste management at our properties, for example, by renewing sorting instructions and expanding the collection of plastic packaging to more and more properties. If a waste bin is not yet available for all types of waste, it is usually due to a lack of space in the waste room. 

If there is a broken lamp, door or waste container in the waste collection facility, please submit a defect notification.