Our customer service is closed on Friday 24 May 2024. Urgent defect notifications should be called to the on-call service number 09 5767 3100.

When something breaks in an apartment

The responsibility for repairing the parts or furniture of the apartment depends on whether the damage has occurred as a result of normal living or due to the tenant’s actions.

Heka repairs defects due to normal wear of the apartment

Living, naturally, leaves marks on the apartment over time. This is referred to as normal wear. The longer you live in an apartment, the more normal wear there will be.

If something breaks in the apartment as a result of normal wear, Heka will repair it or have it repaired for you.

If you notice any faults or deficiencies in the apartment, submit a defect notification. We will fix the problem as soon as possible after receiving your notification.

Residents are responsible for the repair of any damage due to their actions

As a tenant, you are responsible for the repair costs of any damage due to your actions. You are also always responsible for your guests and their actions in the apartment. We charge a fee in accordance with the damage price list for the repair of any damage you have caused.

Distribution of responsibilities for maintenance and repairs between Heka and residents

The responsibility distribution table indicates which parts of the apartment and which maintenance and repair duties belong to Heka and which to the resident. The table also shows how the responsibility for the maintenance and repair costs are distributed.

As a tenant, you are obliged to take good care of the apartment and the related facilities, including any separate storage space, balcony or yard belonging to the apartment. Report any damage to the apartment without delay to Heka, including faults or deficiencies the repair of which is the responsibility of Heka.

You are liable for any and all damages you have caused, either intentionally or from carelessness, even if the damaged part of the apartment would fall under Heka’s maintenance and repair responsibility. For the repair costs of such damages, we will charge a fee pursuant to the damage price list. As the main tenant, you are also responsible for the damage caused by your family members, subtenants and guests.

The responsibility distribution table

Alteration work and the resident’s own devices

You can implement alteration work in the apartment if Heka has given you written permission for it in advance. Please note that it is not always possible to give the permit. The permit will be attached to the lease agreement. Certain device installations and detachments may require contacting Heka.

You might also be obligated to restore the apartment when you move out. You might also be obligated to leave the apartment in its altered state without any compensation when you move out.

When you are considering alteration work or installation of a device, review the table below and the instructions on Heka’s website. In the ‘Please note’ column you can see the things that must be taken into account in alteration or installation work. The resident is responsible, in accordance with the table, for the costs caused