Household appliances and electrical devices

All of our apartments come with refrigeration equipment and a cooker. If necessary, you can purchase other appliances for your home.

Please observe the operating instructions of the appliances and fixtures and clean them regularly. Advice on cleaning and maintaining household appliances is available from the Martha organisation , for example.

If a household appliance that is part of the basic amenities of the apartment breaks down, submit a defect notification.

Energy classes of household appliances, new devices :

  • refrigerator-freezer, energy class E
  • stand-alone fridge, energy class F
  • refrigerator with freezer compartment.

The energy classes of old devices can differ.

Refrigerator and freezer

The amenities of every Heka apartment include a refrigeration device. The size and features vary depending on the housing unit.

Clean behind the refrigerator and freezer and defrost the freezer regularly according to the care instructions of the device. Most refrigerators feature automatic defrosting. If the refrigerator requires defrosting, you should defrost when there is about 0.5 centimetres of frost.

Cooker, oven and cooker hood

All Heka apartments feature a cooker with an oven, but there is variation in the size and model.

Some Heka apartments have a gas cooker in which both the hobs and the oven use gas. The gas is included in the price of the apartment.

Regardless of the model, all gas cookers are used in the same way. Press the knob of the desired plate and turn it to maximum power. Then, light the flame by pressing the button continuously for about 10 seconds to stabilise the flame. The lighter may be separate or integrated.

More detailed instructions are available from the website of the manufacturer, importer or retailer. The type of the cooker is specified on the corner of the door, in the storage compartment under the door or on the side or rear of the cooker. 

It is safe to use a gas cooker. The burners are equipped with a flame controller. If the flame goes out for any reason, the burner will stop feeding gas shortly thereafter.

Gas cookers installations and repairs may only be conducted by authorised gas fitters. Never use a burner without a cooking vessel on it or to heat your home.

It is recommended to clean any spilled wood off the cooker immediately and to clean behind and under the cooker at least twice a year. It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain the cooker hood and fan and to clean the grease filter. Check the grease filter of the cooker hood once or twice a month and clean it, if necessary. A clogged grease filter will weaken ventilation in the kitchen and cause a fire hazard. If the cooker has a metal grease filter, you can wash it in a dishwasher.

Installing and using washing machines

A dishwasher may only be installed by a professional. Even though the task may seem easy, incorrect installation can cause water damage that is not covered by home insurance.

Check the dishwasher and washing machine hoses as well as the condition of the hoses and seams annually

If you take a dishwasher that you purchased out of the apartment, connect the water pipes and drains appropriately.

If your apartment does not feature valves for washing machines, you can have them installed at your own cost with written permission from Heka.

Safety instructions for using washing machines

  • Do not leave a washing machine running unattended.
  • Observe the operating instructions. Monitor the condition of the machine, hoses and connections.
  • Open the water valve before starting the washing programme.
  • Close the water valve and switch off power after each wash.
  • It is recommended to dry your laundry in the drying area of the building’s laundry room. If you dry laundry in your apartment, ensure sufficient ventilation. Avoid drying laundry on fixtures, doors, windows or radiators because wet laundry causes moisture damage.

Lamps and fuses

It is the resident’s responsibility to replace fuses and lamps (including the lamps of the refrigerator, cooker hood and extractor fan). If your apartment features automatic fuses, reset a tripped fuse by returning it to the normal position. Return the switch of a tripped residual-current device to the operating position. Only connect the plug of a grounded or insulated device to grounded sockets.

Heka will repair the fixed light fixtures in apartments and their covers as well as the relevant connection points, such as power sockets and screw terminals. The residents are responsible for light fixtures and covers other than the fixed ones.

TV and Internet connection

At Heka, a broadband connection is included in the rent. Depending on the building, there may be various options for arranging the Internet connections. The basic speed of the property-specific broadband is 10 mb/s.

If you want, you can make a connection or other subscription agreement with the operator of our choice or purchase more speed from the contracted supplier of the property-specific broadband. Heka has many regional broadband agreements, which means that the operators, extra services and prices vary. Check the operator for your property through the Resident Portal.

Heka’s buildings are covered by the cable television network.

You need Heka’s permission to install a satellite dish for your apartment. Gaining permission requires that

  • the dish will be placed entirely inside the balcony railing and it will not disrupt the cityscape of the area.
  • the dish is not mounted on the roof, wall or structures of the building, even on railings.

If there are issues with the operation of your television that are attributable to your device or activities, you are responsible for the costs of the inspection and repair visits.

If an appliance fails

If an appliance is included in the basic equipment of the apartment, Heka will replace it with a new one. Submit a defect notification of a failed appliance.

If you have purchased other appliances, such as a washing machine, for your home, you are responsible for maintaining them and recycling any devices that have failed or that must otherwise be decommissioned. Do not leave household appliances or other electrical devices in the building’s waste collection point or other common areas.

Instructions on recycling electronic waste are available on the HSY website .