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Checklist for moving

There are a lot of things to remember when moving. Please use the checklists created to help tenants move in or out of a Heka apartment.

For new tenants

Welcome to your new home! We hope that you will enjoy a pleasant and worry-free stay with us. Before settling in, please consider and take care of the following responsibilities of a new tenant:

  • The instructions for the moving day and how to pick up the keys will be provided to you after signing the rental agreement.
  • Submit a statutory move notification to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency no earlier than a month before your moving day and no later than a week after moving. You must also notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of a temporary residency if it lasts longer than three months.
  • Sign an electricity contract for your apartment well before the moving day.
  • Report your new address to your workplace, your children’s daycare centre, the bank and other parties that require your address.
  • Get home insurance that meets your needs, or update your current insurance to cover the new home.
  • If you wish, you can agree with Posti on a fixed-term forwarding of your mail to the new address.
  • Notify Heka that you have moved in, and your information will be added to the register of occupants. If you are not listed in the register, the property maintenance operative cannot open the door for you. The easiest way to notify is by adding a service request through the Resident Portal . At the same time, indicate which name(s) you want on the name board next to the front door and on the door of the apartment.

If someone other than a party to the rental agreement (such as your spouse or child) later moves into the Heka apartment you are renting, report it to Heka by registering the new occupant in the apartment via the Resident Portal.

Do a moving-in inspection

Do a moving-in inspection in the apartment and fill in the relevant form on the Resident Portal within 14 days of the start date of the lease agreement. If you cannot use the e-services, please request a paper form from our customer service.

Check out the property-specific services and shared spaces

Heka’s website and the Resident Portal provide information on the common areas and services for the building. You can also contact your tenant committee. They will provide you with information on, for example, the reservation of club rooms and cooperation between residents.

If you cannot find information on the laundry room’s location and other common facilities on the Resident Portal, please contact Heka’s customer service.

Do you need a parking space or a sauna reservation? Check out the extra housing services available and read the reservation instructions.

Moving out of a Heka apartment

If you are moving out of a Heka apartment, terminate your rental and other agreements in good time, submit a move notification, and agree to return the keys.

Submit the required move notifications

Submit a statutory notification of move to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Remember that move notifications submitted to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will not be forwarded to Heka. Please report any person moving out of a Heka apartment separately, primarily via the Resident Portal.

Return all keys to your apartment and the property

Return all apartment keys and other property keys in your possession, including keys to shared facilities, garage keys, car electric outlet keys and laundry room keys, according to Heka’s instructions. Also, if you have installed a security lock on the door and leave it in place when you move out, leave the keys with us.

Terminate your electricity contract to avoid unnecessary payments after moving out. Update your home insurance to the new address.

Remember moving-out cleaning

The final cleaning of the apartment upon the termination of the rental agreement is the responsibility of the tenant moving out. If the moving-out cleaning is neglected, Heka has the right to charge the tenant as per the valid damage price list.

When moving out, be sure to remove all your belongings from the apartment, storage cage, balcony and bicycle and pushchair storage facilities.

Items no longer needed must not be left in the waste collection point or the staircase but taken to a Sortti Station or recycling centre.

To-do list for a moving-out cleaning

Returning the apartment to its original state

The apartment must be returned in all respects to the state in which it was before the tenant’s independent alterations unless otherwise agreed upon with Heka.

If you have installed a door chain, peephole or security lock on your door and do not want to leave them in place, install the appropriate cover pieces on the door and tidy any traces left by the door chain.

If you have installed your own dishwasher in the apartment, return the removed original cabinet to its place in the kitchen. To avoid water damage, ensure the water sewer connections are appropriately plugged when removing the dishwasher and washing machine. For more information on plugging, please contact Heka.

Leave the permitted own structures and plantings in the apartment yard in place when you move out unless agreed otherwise with Heka.

Apartment inspection

We will check the apartment’s condition at the end of the rental agreement. We will charge the tenant for any damage through negligence or wilful intent.

The tenant is not responsible for the normal wear and tear of the apartment. By law, the tenant must promptly report any damage during the tenancy. Failure to report damage may lead to the tenant becoming liable for the costs of repairing the damage.

Will you continue to live as the main tenant in a Heka apartment from which someone other than a party to the rental agreement, such as your child, is moving out? In this case, submit a notice of moving out to Heka via the Resident Portal to keep the information in the register of occupants up to date.