New locations

Check out the application periods for new buildings and learn more about our upcoming locations.

Hundreds of rental apartments are completed for Heka each year. You can apply for an apartment with an application to the City of Helsinki . The city selects residents based on housing needs, urgency and search criteria. Heka residents applying for a switch of apartments also submit their applications to the city.

All new Heka location are smoke-free: smoking is prohibited inside the apartments, on the balconies and terraces and in the yards.

New buildings that will be opened for application in 2024

  • Laajasalo / Gunillantie 3: 81 apartments, estimated completion date: 30 August 2024. Application period starting from 30.4.
  • Laajasalo / Svanströminkuja 5: 77 apartments, estimated completion date: 31 December 2024. Application period is still unknown.

Gunillantie 3

The total number of apartments is 81. The location consists of three residential buildings of 5–7 floors.

The application period for the apartments starts on Tuesday 30 April. You can apply for the apartments by submitting an application to the City of Helsinki.

Heka does not process housing applications. Heka’s customer service will not advise on applying for housing and cannot influence the processing of housing applications. If you need help filling out an apartment application, please contact the Rental apartment search advisory service