Some of Heka’s buildings are completely non-smoking and others have smoking restrictions. Smoking in shared facilities is prohibited in all buildings. Heka’s rental agreements starting on or after 1 June 2018 include a smoking ban that applies to smoking inside apartments. From 1.1.2022, smoking is only allowed in a designated area in the courtyard.

The smoking restrictions also apply to electronic cigarettes.

In Heka’s non-smoking buildings, the smoking ban is a condition of the rental agreement. The smoking ban is also communicated with smoking prohibition signs, for example. The ban on smoking in public areas can be found in the Tobacco Act and the Heka rules of conduct. From 1.1.2022, smoking is only allowed in a designated area in the courtyard.

In other than non-smoking buildings, an authority may impose a smoking ban on the basis of the Tobacco Act, for example.

Smoking in shared facilities is prohibited

According to the Tobacco Act and the Heka rules of conduct, smoking is prohibited in all shared facilities of Heka’s buildings, such as stairwells, lifts, club rooms, playgrounds and airing balconies.

Smoking is prohibited in the stairwells, lifts and other shared indoor areas, shared balconies, access decks, the property’s outdoor areas (incl. near the entrances and air intakes, as well as children’s play areas) and car park.

However, smoking is allowed outdoors in areas specifically designated by Heka, if available. 

Smoking in a non-smoking building is a breach of agreement

All of Heka’s new buildings and renovated properties the construction of which began after May 2016 are completely non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited inside the apartment, on the balconies and in the outdoor areas belonging to the apartment, as well as in shared facilities. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited in these buildings. Non-smoking buildings have separately designated smoking areas, usually in the courtyards of the buildings. 

In non-smoking buildings, smoking in an apartment, on an apartment’s balcony (or similar), in the public facilities or in the playground is a breach of agreement. In such cases, the smoking can be reported to Heka as a disturbance.

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Report disruptive smoking in other than completely non-smoking buildings

According to the Tobacco Act, a housing corporation (e.g. a rental housing company, i.e. Heka) has the opportunity to submit an application requesting that the municipality impose a smoking ban on the balconies of the apartments, in the outdoor areas used by the apartments and inside apartments. If there is disruptive cigarette smoke carrying over to your apartment, report it to Heka.

Based on the notification, Heka may, if necessary, initiate measures to apply for a smoking ban. If the authority imposes a smoking ban on the property, the Heka regional office will inform residents about the smoking ban and install smoking prohibition signs in the building.

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