How to apply for a Heka apartment

Explore our offerings and visit the City of Helsinki website to study the application instructions, selection criteria, locations and residential areas before applying. Then, submit your application to the City of Helsinki.

You cannot select and apply for a specific apartment. As apartments become available, the city will offer you one that meets your needs in terms of location and features stated in the application. Only new buildings, some recently renovated units and some special apartments can be applied for on a per apartment basis.

The city selects residents based on housing needs, urgency and search criteria, not based on queueing. Unfortunately, there are not enough apartments for all applicants due to high demand. We aim to offer apartments to the applicants with the greatest need for an apartment.

Heka does not process housing applications. Heka’s customer service will not advise on applying for housing and cannot influence the processing of housing applications. If you need help filling out an apartment application, please contact the Rental apartment search advisory service

If you receive a housing offer

If we find a home for you from Heka, you will first receive an initial housing offer from the City of Helsinki. You will also receive a text message notification. The offer contains instructions for delivering the required attachments. At this point, you will not be able to visit the offered home. You can read more about accepting a housing offer and delivering the attachments on the City of Helsinki website.