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Heka’s rent determination for 2024 to be redone

On 27 November 2023, the Helsinki City Board decided to grant support to Heka and Haso to curb the increase in rent and maintenance charges in 2024. Heka’s share of the total capitalisation of EUR 20 million is EUR 17 million. The impact of the capitalisation on Heka’s average rent will be EUR 0.45/m2/month.

30.11.2023 09:04

The capitalisation will be divided between Heka’s regular apartments, senior apartments and special group apartments relative to their floor areas.

Our customer service department is currently unable to provide further information on this matter. Our tenants will be personally notified of their new rents by post once the rents are confirmed.

According to the new calculation, the average rent of regular Heka apartments will increase by 8.4% following the adjustment (the original increase was 12%). The average rent of Heka’s senior apartments will increase by 5.6% following the adjustment (the original increase was 9.2%). With the help of the support, the need to increase rents due to increased costs can be partly rolled over to the following years.

We have re-initiated the rent determination process and are aiming to have the adjusted rents enter into effect as of 1 January 2024. The updated rents will be circulated for comment among Heka building committees. The aim is for the Heka Board to approve the new rents at an additional meeting in December, after which we will send out the rent invoices to be used for paying rent next year.