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City of Helsinki’s possible support for Heka residents to be confirmed in November 

10.11.2023 15:46
Ilmakuva, kerrostalojen kattoja ja puita

The City of Helsinki’s draft budget proposes to support Heka and Haso in order to curb the increase in rent and maintenance charges in 2024. The City Council will decide on the adoption of the 2024 budget on 22 November 2023.

The City of Helsinki has not yet made a final decision on the support for Heka nor the distribution of support between Heka and Haso. As a result, we are not yet able to comment on how the subsidy would affect Heka’s rents in 2024.

If the City makes a decision on the support, Heka will conduct a new rent determination and adjustment for 2024, and the new rents will be sent to the building committees for statements.

Our customer service department is currently unable to provide further information on this matter. We will provide an update on our website as soon as we have more information.