Senior apartments and other apartments for special groups 

Our apartments reserved for special groups include housing for people over 55 years of age, artists and those practising their profession at home.

Applications for these apartments are also submitted to the City of Helsinki . The city selects tenants for these apartments based on the same principles as other Heka apartments. 

Senior apartments 

Heka’s housing stock includes about a thousand apartments for seniors. If you are over 55 years of age, you can apply for a senior apartment. 

Explore senior apartments on Heka’s location pages by selecting ‘senior location’ as the search criteria. 

Artist apartments 

Heka has 13 individual artist apartments and 14 apartments in the Kontula artist house, next to which 14 Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation’s artist studios are available for rent. You can apply for an artist apartment if you are, for example, a visual artist needing a studio residence. 

Apartments with a workspace 

Heka has 12 apartments with workspaces suitable for applicants who work from home. 

Applying for a special group apartment 

Applications for artist apartments, apartments with a workspace and senior apartments are submitted to the City of Helsinki . Applicants for artist apartments and apartments with a workspace must provide the city with a CV or other certificate of professional practice.