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Read Hima-magazine articles in English

The last Hima resident magazine of the year will be distributed to Heka homes soon. We have published four articles from the magazine in English on our website. Below, you'll find links to the English-language online articles.

08.12.2023 11:17
In the cover story of the magazine, we meet Maisa the dog

Pets are welcome in Heka apartments. In the cover story of the magazine, we visit Sari Lindfors and her dog Maisa’s home in Malmi. We discuss life with a dog, consideration for neighbors, and provide safety tips for households with dogs.

In the magazine, we visit Kaljaasi Fortunan katu in Kalasatama, where a futuristic apartment building has just been completed with minimized energy consumption.

The magazine features an interview with Heka’s Resident of the Year 2023, Anne Vuori, who has been living in Torpparinmäki in North Helsinki for about two decades.

Additionally, the magazine provides guidance on how you can compare and switch your own electricity contract.