When the apartments currently under construction are completed in autumn 2020, there will be more than 50,000 Heka homes. We want to celebrate this with the residents of Heka homes! Take a photo that depicts living in a Heka home and take part in our photography competition.

You can take the photo at home, at your neighbour's place, in the yard or in your building’s surroundings, indoors or outdoors, with or without people. The photo can be newly taken or decades old. We would love to see people in the photos, in addition to spaces, buildings and landscapes. Please remember to ask the people in the photograph their permission before submitting the photo to the competition.

How to participate:

  • Take part via Instagram by uploading the photo onto your Instagram account. Add the hashtag #kotonahekalla to the photo and tag @heka_oy. Your Instagram account must be public. If your user account is private, send the photo to us by email.
  • You can also participate by sending your photo to us by email to viestinta@hekaoy.fi. Send in your competition photo in JPG or PNG format (max. 10 MB). Name the image file clearly, for example by using the participant’s name. Write ‘Kotona Hekalla’ in the message’s subject field. In addition to the photo itself, please include the following information in your message:
    • The participant’s name
    • A pseudonym, if you do not want your name to be published in connection to the photograph
    • The participant’s e-mail address
  • Regardless of your method of participation, please remember to mention where the photo was taken and how it reminds you of living at Heka. You can take part in the competition using your own name or a pseudonym, but Heka must be aware of the participant's real name.

You can send in the photos between 10 June and 9 August 2020.

Choosing the winners and competition prizes:

The competition photographs selected will be compiled and displayed on Heka’s website, and the public can then vote for their favourite photo 12–25 August 2020. Tasty culinary prizes will be awarded to three winners, one selected by public vote and two by a jury of Heka representatives.

The competition’s winning photos will be published on Heka’s Instagram account, website, in Hima and possibly through Heka’s other communication channels.

Competition photographs:

  • The photo must be taken by the participant.
  • The photographer must have full rights to the photo.
  • You can also participate with an old photograph, with several photos or a series of photos.
  • The photograph must not previously have been submitted to any other competitions.
  • Permission to publish the photograph must be requested from photographed persons that are protected by the decree of peace at home, by their age or some other reason.

If the participant is under 18 years of age, or a person in the photograph is a minor, the participant must have consent from their own or the minor’s guardian to participate in the competition.

Photograph rights:

You can take part in the competition with a photo you have taken yourself. You must have full rights and liabilities regarding the photograph. The photographer is responsible for ensuring that they have the right to publish the photograph and that the photograph does not violate any Finnish laws or the rights of others.

By taking part in the photography competition, you transfer Heka the right to use your uploaded competition photograph(s) in all communications related to the competition. Heka has the right to publish the images without separate compensation on its social media accounts, website and other communication channels. Heka will claim the rights to the three winning photographs with the competition prizes, which are worth €89 per prize. By separate agreement, Heka can also claim the rights to other photographs sent to the competition.

Competition method:

The competition has one series. The competition photographs are uploaded to Instagram or sent to Heka by email.

If you wish to take part in the competition on Instagram, your post must include the hashtag #kotonahekalla and the tag @heka_oy. You can also use other hashtags for the photo. The photographs uploaded to Instagram must adhere to the service’s user guidelines. The organiser may contact the Instagram account’s user with a message regarding the uploaded photographs, if necessary.

The voters and Heka jury will select a total of three winners. Heka employees cannot take part in the competition or win the prizes.

Competition organiser: Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka)

By taking part in the competition, the participants will commit to following its rules and the organisers’ decisions. If necessary, the participants must prove their identity. The competition organiser has the right to not publish any inappropriate material. If the organiser has a cause to suspect deceit, they have the right to reject a person’s participation. The organisers reserve the right to change the competition’s rules by reporting this on the competition’s website at www.hekaoy.fi/kuvakisa. The organisers will not accept any legal liability if a participant potentially commits a copyright violation.

Publishing the winner:

The winner will be published on Heka’s website (www.hekaoy.fi) and through its social media channels. The winner will also be notified personally. If the winner participated in the competition through Instagram, they will be notified of the win through Instagram and asked to contact Heka by a certain date. If the winner participated in the competition by email, they will be notified of the win by email.