In accordance with new national recommendations, coronavirus restrictions can now start to be eased in a controlled manner. Because of this, Heka has also made some changes to its previously announced coronavirus policies.

Changes: Saunas and club rooms to be opened and the organisation of voluntary work to become possible as of 1 June 2020 

Saunas will be opened to tenants as of 1 June 2020. All sauna reservations – meaning both tenants’ personal reservations and open weekly sauna turns – will be continued as before. Saunas will thoroughly cleaned before being opened. Those with a valid sauna agreement will not be charged any fees for sauna reservations in June and July. The charging of sauna fees will continue as of 1 August 2020, and tenants will be provided with more information about this during the summer. 

How do I deduct the sauna fee from my rent?
Due to the re-opening of saunas, the intensified cleaning of shared facilities and buildings’ laundry rooms cannot be continued with the current resources. In other words, following the easing of restrictions, cleaning will continue in the same manner as it was carried out prior to the coronavirus outbreak, but the contact surfaces of shared facilities will still be cleaned with disinfectants.
Club rooms and recreational facilities will be made available for use again as of 1 June 2020. Tenants using these facilities do so at their own risk. Users are asked to maintain a safe distance from one another and observe good hand and coughing hygiene. 
Members of building committees and tenants participating in other similar activities should continue to communicate with one another primarily by electronic means, as gathering in groups is still not recommended, especially for risk groups. For example, building committee meetings can continue to be held via e-mail. Meeting minutes are to be prepared as normal. 
Finland will increase the limit on public gatherings from 10 persons to 50 persons on 1 June 2020, meaning that voluntary work events can be organised and skips can be ordered in accordance with building committees’ wishes as of 1 June 2020. When organising volunteer work events, particular attention should be paid to safe distances and proper hand and coughing hygiene. 

Unchanged restrictions 

Our customer service points will continue to only serve customers by appointment. Our services will continue to be comprehensively provided via telephone and online channels during normal service hours for the time being (Mon 9am–5pm, Tue–Fri 9am–3pm). In addition to this, our services are available on the first and last weekday of every month from 9am to 5pm. Our customer service points will only admit a few customers at a time and require customers to maintain sufficient safe distances, and the combined waiting and service times will not exceed 15 minutes. We ask that customers please observe good hand and coughing hygiene and refrain from visiting us while ill. 
Non-urgent repair or maintenance work that involves entering apartments will still not be carried out or started. Apartment inspections and viewings will be organised insofar as possible while observing relevant safety and hygiene practices. At newly constructed properties and properties that have undergone renovations, potential tenants will be able to view the property via video. 
Payment reminders for unpaid rent will continue not to include collection fees and any unpaid rent amounts during the coronavirus outbreak will not be subject to interest on overdue payments. The payment term for separate invoices issued for our services during the coronavirus outbreak is 60 days for the time being. 

Continue paying your rent, apply for support in the event of payment difficulties

Tenants will also be informed about changes via bulletins distributed and displayed in our properties’ stairwells and shared facilities.