In many ways, the procedures caused by the coronavirus epidemic are reflected in Heka’s services and our residents’ everyday life in their homes. 

We strive to keep our customer service, building management, maintenance and cleaning at an optimal level during the epidemic as well. However, we have made some changes to our services to protect our customers and employees. 

We are providing residents with up-to-date information about the situation through all of our communication channels. You can keep up with the most recent information by following this page. Bulletins will also be posted in the stairwells of our buildings.

The coronavirus epidemic is causing changes to our services (PDF)

Continue paying your rent, apply for support in the event of payment difficulties

Effects on residential buildings

Closing of sauna facilities

Unfortunately, we have to close the sauna facilities of our buildings. This means that for the time being, sauna reservations and open weekly sauna turns are cancelled. The monthly €15 sauna fee will not be collected for sauna reservations in April and May. When the saunas are eventually reopened, no sauna fees will be collected for the month of the reopening and the following calendar month. No fees will be reimbursed for unused sauna reservations made for the period of 16–31 March 2020. 

How do I deduct the sauna fee from my rent?

The saunas have been closed for the time being, primarily for practical reasons, but also for hygiene reasons. Our resources available for cleaning are limited. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, we have intensified cleaning in the most heavily used parts of the public facilities of our buildings, such as stairwells, lifts and laundry rooms. Closing the saunas enables us to focus our resources on intensified cleaning in these facilities. Furthermore, there is no confirmed information on whether the coronavirus can be transmitted via surfaces, but there is a potential risk of this. Another reason for cancelling the open weekly sauna turns is that more than 10 people may gather in the sauna facilities during them. 

In a few locations, the saunas remain available to the residents due to ongoing renovations in the sanitary facilities of apartments.

Effects on other facilities in residential buildings

Club facilities and similar exercise and hobby facilities located in our buildings are also closed. 

We strive to keep the laundry rooms of our buildings available to the residents. In the laundry rooms, residents are typically present one at a time and for a relatively short time, keeping the contagion risk low. Ensuring their sanitation is also easier than that of saunas. In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, households may need to increase their laundering, so we aim to provide an opportunity to do so in the laundry rooms of our buildings.

We are intensifying cleaning in public facilities, such as lifts, stairwells and laundry rooms. 

Please ensure thorough hand and coughing hygiene when using public facilities. Avoid touching frequently touched surfaces (such as handles, railings and lift buttons) with unwashed or bare hands.

Instructions for using the laundry room during the coronavirus epidemic (PDF)

Any repairs planned for the near future are likely to be postponed. 

Our customer service points only serve customers by appointment

Our customer service points are closed for the time being. We serve customers by appointment in situations in which visiting our office is necessary for taking care of matters. Examples of such situations include handing out and returning keys. 

Please be aware of these practices when using our services:

  • Please take care of hand hygiene when visiting our office and customer service point. Our customer service facilities have hand sanitiser available for our customers. 
  • For the time being, we are avoiding handshaking and other physical contact with our customers.
  • Our staff use disposable gloves when handling keys.

We are focusing our customer service resources on our online and telephone services. Our telephone service remains open as usual: Monday 9am–5pm and Tuesday–Friday 9am–3pm.

We also take emergency calls regarding urgent matters in the evenings and at night time as usual. 

See the contact information for our customer service units (in Finnish)

You can use our online service to, for example, sign or terminate agreements, submit a non-urgent defect notification, report a change of occupancy or order a statement needed for changing apartments. We also advise on housing issues via the chat on our website.

Use our online service (in Finnish)

We are doing our best to provide smooth services during this exceptional time. However, we must ask for your understanding in the event of service congestion.

Please consider leaving your defect notification for later

If there is a need for repairs in your apartment and a person sick with, exposed to or quarantined due to the coronavirus lives in the apartment, please consider this when submitting a defect notification. If the defect in need of repair is not urgent, please consider leaving the defect notification for later. 

However, if there is need for urgent repairs in your apartment and a sick, exposed or quarantined person lives in the apartment, please include information on this in your defect notification. This will help us be properly prepared.

Offer neighbour help!

People have begun to support their loved ones, neighbours and even strangers in need of help by, for example, buying groceries and going to the pharmacy for them.

Heka also has many residents living in quarantine-like conditions whose everyday life is greatly impeded by the emergency caused by the coronavirus. Heka also has a great number of residents willing to help their neighbours, regardless of whether they are acquainted. 

In order to make offering and finding help easier, we are providing our residents with adverts to which those willing to offer help can add their contact information. 

Our staff strive to post these adverts on bulletin boards, but you can also print one yourself and post it on the bulletin board of your building. 

Print out a neighbour help advert here (PDF).