Please submit any urgent defect notifications by phone to the defect notification number of your location within office hours and to the emergency number of your regional office outside office hours. You can only submit a defect notification concerning your own apartment.


Submit a non-urgent defect notification

Submit a non-urgent defect notification via the button below. You will be directed to a defect notification form on which you can enter information about your location, provide details about the defect and submit your contact information. You can only submit defect notifications for the apartment or building that you are living in.

You can attach a picture of the problem to your notification. We will fix all reported defects as soon as possible. You will receive a progress report on the repairs by e-mail.

Our defect notification system has changed. Read the news article about the change.



If there is need to fix faults in your apartment, please let us know if someone in the apartment is currently either been infected of exposed with the virus or is under a quarantine. Write this information to the Description-field.

For the time being our personnel is using face masks and gloves on all repair- and maintenance visits. The visit will not be longer than one hour.

Our maintenance personnel will always contact the resident before visiting the apartment. If you have left a fault notice which requires a visit in the apartment, please answer the maintenance personnel's call from an unknown number.

Always submit urgent defect notifications by telephone

Always report defects that require urgent repairs by calling the defect notification number:

  • Heka southern office 09 5767 3200
  • Heka eastern office 09 5767 3800
  • Heka southeastern office 09 5767 3600
  • Heka northeastern office 09 5767 3400
  • Heka western office 09 5767 3000

or, outside office hours, our on-call service.