When you notify Heka of moving in, you are demonstrably a resident of the building. 

Heka’s regional office maintains a register of occupants that contains information about all persons living in buildings managed and maintained by the company. If you order a door opening service, your information is checked against the register. If you are not listed in the register, the maintenance worker cannot open the door for you. The register of occupants enables the staff of the regional office to verify which names should be on apartment doors and stairwell name boards, for example. 

Only the main tenant can submit a notice of new residents in the apartment.

Notifying person’s contact information
If you do not have an e-mail address, please contact us by phone or visit our office.
Person moving in
Person moving in
Relationship with the main tenant

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Address of the apartment you are moving into
Your last name will be added to the apartment door and the name board

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