Please submit any urgent defect notifications by phone to the defect notification number of your location within office hours and to the emergency number of your regional office outside office hours. You can only submit a defect notification concerning your own apartment.


Submit a non-urgent defect notification

You can submit a non-urgent defect notification either via our Resident Portal or website. 

Electronically submitted defect notifications will be sent to property maintenance. We will fix any reported defects as soon as possible. You will receive a progress report on the repairs by email or via the Resident Portal.

You can only submit defect notifications for the apartment or building you live in. You can attach a picture of the problem to your notification.

When you submit a defect notification through the Resident Portal, you can monitor the progress of your notification and also view your previous defect notifications.

If you would like to submit a defect notification without logging in to the Resident Portal, access the defect notification service via the link below. Use the form to indicate the details of your apartment or building, specify the observed defect and fill in your contact information. 

Our maintenance personnel will always contact the resident before visiting the apartment. If you have left a fault notice which requires a visit in the apartment, please answer the maintenance personnel's call from an unknown number.

Always submit urgent defect notifications by telephone

Always report defects that require urgent repairs by calling the defect notification number:

  • Heka southern office 09 5767 3200
  • Heka eastern office 09 5767 3800
  • Heka southeastern office 09 5767 3600
  • Heka northeastern office 09 5767 3400
  • Heka western office 09 5767 3000

or, outside office hours, our on-call service.