A statement for changing apartments must not be ordered until the change of apartment appears certain. You will be sent instructions for ordering the statement with the preliminary apartment offer. This is the procedure regardless of whether you are exchanging apartments, moving to a new location or moving into an apartment that is becoming available.

The price of the statement is €45. The order is binding and will be charged for accordingly. Fill out the form below to order a statement for changing apartments. Please remember to list all the main tenants and other residents of the apartment.

If you have pets in the apartment, please notify the office of them in advance if your apartment is to be inspected while you are not home.

You will need a statement for changing apartments in situations such as when you are applying to move from one Heka apartment to another.

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If you do not meet the prerequisites for changing apartments, you cannot be supplied with a statement for changing apartments. Please check that you meet the following prerequisites for changing apartments before ordering a statement:

  • You have a justified need to change apartments. These include changes in the number of family members, financial difficulties and health concerns.
  • You are a main tenant and you have lived in you current Heka apartment for at least 12 months. The period of residence is calculated from the start date of the rental agreement.
  • You have not been issued any written warnings in the 12 months preceding the building manager’s statement.
  • You have no unpaid rent or other financial claims against you.
  • There are no complaints about the condition of your apartment.
  • Your lease with Heka is valid until further notice.
Main tenant
Main tenant
If you do not have an e-mail address, please contact us by phone or visit our office.
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Other residents of the apartment
Other residents of the apartment
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