Please submit urgent defect notifications by calling our on-call number if you need to submit the notification outside office hours. Telephone calls to the on-call service are forwarded to our maintenance staff, who will also carry out urgent repair work outside office hours, when necessary. Defects that require immediate attention include water leaks and blocked drains. Any non-urgent repairs requested from on-call service may be postponed to office hours.

You can also contact the on-call service if you need the door opening service outside office hours.

Emergency numbers

Our regional offices use several emergency numbers. Find the emergency number for your region below.  

Heka southern office

  • 09 5767 3300

Heka eastern office

  • 09 5767 3900

Heka southeastern office

  • 09 5767 3700

Heka northeastern office

  • 09 5767 3500

Heka western office

  • 09 5767 3100