Yard work bees are a popular form of tenant activity, and building committees are sure to be wondering whether work bees can be organised this spring.

Heka recommends postponing work bees until the coronavirus situation improves enough for gathering restrictions and other restrictions affecting work bees to be lifted.

Current instructions issued by the authorities regarding aspects such as gathering restrictions and safe distances must be adhered to in all tenant activities, including work bees. If work bees are held despite Heka’s recommendations, the participants must adhere to the authorities’ instructions and take Heka’s coronavirus restrictions into consideration. Club facilities will remain closed until further notice and cannot be used in work bees. Work bee catering can be enjoyed outside while maintaining safe distances. For the time being, bee saunas are not available due to the restrictions in place. A waste skip can be ordered in accordance with the work bee instructions. 

As an exception to the usual practice, a waste skip can be ordered to the yard even if no work bee is held.

Check all the coronavirus restrictions and recommendations in place at Heka locations. 

Our decisions are based on the recommendations of the City of Helsinki. See the City of Helsinki’s website for key recommendations and restrictions in place in Helsinki.