Errors have been found in the distribution address list of our tenant satisfaction survey, which was launched this week.

Our tenant satisfaction survey has also been distributed unnecessarily to recipients who are not currently tenants of Heka. For some of our apartments, the invitation to answer the survey was erroneously addressed to an underaged occupant of the household.

As a general rule, we retain the personal data of tenants for five years after the end of tenancy. This retention period is determined by the Act on Residential Leases and the Accounting Act, among other things. Heka’s data protection practices are described on our website.

Unfortunately, the distribution list for the tenant satisfaction survey also included tenants who have moved out of Heka housing, even though the survey was intended for current tenants of Heka. 

According to our investigation, some personal data of tenants who had moved away more than five years ago has been retained in our system contrary to our archiving practices. We will learn from this, as we want to ensure that our customers’ personal data is protected. We will review our archiving practices and delete from our systems any personal data we no longer have the grounds to retain. 

We apologise for the questionnaires sent in error and for any confusion caused by our mistake.

We survey our tenants’ satisfaction in our services annually

We study our tenants’ satisfaction with their living conditions, apartment and Heka’s services on an annual basis. This time, the invitation to respond to our customer satisfaction survey was distributed by post and e-mail to roughly one in four Heka homes chosen through random sampling. 

The survey is apartment-specific. If an invitation to answer our tenant survey has been sent to your Heka apartment, you can respond to it regardless of whom the invitation is addressed to. 

The responses to the survey will be processed in such a way that no individual respondents can be identified from the result report. The responses to the survey will be compiled into statistics and reported by the independent research company Feedback Oy.

Further information: Director of customer relations Riitta Pulkka, 
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