Heka has published its responsibility report for 2020 and its responsibility programme up to 2024. Our first responsibility programme and report emphasise resident satisfaction, staff well-being and know-how, sustainable building maintenance and housing and fair business activities.

Our responsibility report is an account of the economic, environmental and social effects of our operations in 2020. The themes and perspectives of responsibility discussed in the report are defined based on the expectations of our residents, staff members and other key stakeholders. We have charted the views and expectations of our stakeholders with a survey conducted in the spring of 2021. 

The report describes our responsibility through examples and key figures, among other things. The report was produced in co-operation with Heka by EcoReal Oy. 

At Heka, responsibility is part of our daily operations

Our responsibility starts from providing our residents with reasonably priced, high-quality and safe everyday living. Our operations are also steered by the City of Helsinki’s ethical principles and our own principles, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals most pertinent to us.

The responsibility aspects most essential to Heka based on effects on the operating environment and stakeholder expectations are reasonably priced housing, sustainable business activities, energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction, innovative solutions, sustainable procurements and sustainable property asset management. We monitor our operations from the perspectives of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility, as well as good administrative practice.  

Heka has the following areas of focus in terms of responsibility:

  • Satisfied residents: We provide comfortable apartments that are safe to live in. Permanent and high-quality housing creates a basis for well-being. We provide the best everyday housing.
  • Healthy and knowledgeable work community: Our work community is our most important resource, so we focus on our staff’s occupational well-being, the development of their know-how and their working conditions. We can succeed and develop together.
  • Sustainable property maintenance and construction: Reducing environmental effects is an important part of our operations. We are actively combating climate change and contributing to a carbon-neutral Helsinki.
  • Fair business activities: Reasonably priced housing is the foundation of our responsible operations. We operate in a transparent and agile manner and promote responsible procurements.

Our responsibility programme sets goals and procedures for the aforementioned areas of focus, the realisation of which we are monitoring on a regular basis. In the future, we will report on our responsibility every year. 

Learn more about Heka’s responsibility report and programme