Some of Heka’s services will be temporarily unavailable. This concerns submitting non-urgent defect notifications and reserving parking spaces and saunas. Handing out keys will also not be possible for a few days. We apologise for these interruptions and any inconvenience the exceptions may cause for our tenants.

Handing out keys to tenants interrupted

New keys will not be handed out to tenants on Friday 21 May and Monday 24 May.

Submitting non-urgent defect notifications will not be possible between Monday 24 May at 15:00 and Tuesday 25 May at 10:00

You will not be able to submit non-urgent defect notifications via our website or by phone between Monday 24 May at 15:00 and Tuesday 25 May at 10:00. We also recommend that you avoid submitting non-urgent defect notifications on the days before the service interruption.

You can report defects that require urgent repairs as usual even during the service interruption: by calling the defect notification number or, outside office hours, our on-call service

Interruption in reserving parking spaces and saunas

Parking spaces and saunas cannot be reserved on Monday 24 May. 

The adoption of the new customer relationship management system is progressing in stages

The exceptional interruptions in the services mentioned above are caused by Heka moving to a new system for renting and customer relationship management. 

The new system will make the electronic services for Heka tenants much easier to use. The system is being adopted in stages during this year and next year, and the new online service will be taken into use in early 2022. Via the service, tenants can take care of matters related to agreements and submit maintenance requests directly via a web-based interface. It can also be easily used on mobile devices. They can also see their rent payments. Communications between tenants and the customer service staff will also be smoother.