From November 2021 onwards, the customer service points in Heka’s offices will be open without an appointment from 9 to 12 on Tuesdays. At other times, the customer service points only serve by appointment.

The customer service points have been operating by appointment during the COVID-19 period and, because of good experiences, the practice will be made permanent.

“We have received feedback from both residents and staff that having appointments booked in advance makes customer service smoother and faster,” says Riitta Pulkka, Director of Customer Relations.

A customer service appointment should be booked in situations in which visiting the office is necessary for taking care of matters. Examples of such situations include handing over and returning keys. Appointments can be booked by sending an email or calling the regional office’s customer service point.

In most situations, the easiest way to take care of matters is through e-services, where you can submit a defect notification, submit a notification of moving, order a statement for changing apartments and apply for a permit for a DIY renovation. Many matters can also be handled by calling the regional office’s telephone service.

However, if your matter requires a visit to the customer service point, please make an appointment or drop in on a Tuesday between 9 and 12. Please do not come if you are ill, and when you are at the customer service point, make sure you maintain good hand hygiene, keep a safe distance from others and wear a face mask.

Exception to opening hours: On Tuesday 9 November, our customer service points are open from 9 to 11 because of a staff event. The telephone service will also close at 11 on 9 November.

Find the regional offices’ contact information from the following links: