Heka's tenant magazine Hima will be to Heka homes by the end of September. In the third Hima magazine of the year, there is a topical issue about appropriately sized homes, tenants' meetings, yard care and changes to applying for a Heka apartment.

In the main story of the magazine Mari Vaattovaara, Professor of Urban Geography, and Rami Nurminen, Head of the Housing Project Development Unit at the City of Helsinki, discuss housing construction in Helsinki and suitable sized homes.

The central opening pages deal with the maintenance responsibilities of Heka's yards: how the responsibility for the maintenance of the yards is divided and on what schedules the yards are taken care of. 

We get to visit at Susitie 5 in Herttoniemi, where Heka Houses that were build 1952 were renovated with respect to the original plans.

In addition, the magazine provides tips for living with pets in an apartment, invites tenants to tenants' meetings, tells about the changes to applying for a Heka apartment and gives information about how to get a parking space from Heka buildings.

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