At the Heka locations where tenants pay for water based on consumption as indicated by the water meter for each flat, we will move to advance charging at the beginning of 2022. 

The change in the invoicing method will not affect the total sum you pay for the water, and this is not a new charge. Only the invoicing method for water charges will change.

The tenants whose water invoices will change will receive a letter from Heka in September-October. 

The advance water charge will be 15 euros per month per tenant

The sum of the advance water charge is based on the number of occupants in your home. An advance water charge of €15/person/month will be added to the rent invoice, based on the number of occupants listed in the register of occupants. For example, the advance water charge for a family of four will be 4 x 15 euros, i.e. a total of 60 euros a month.  

We will send you a balancing invoice every three months, in which the advance you have paid will be taken into consideration. You will receive the first balancing invoice for 2022 in April for the period of 1 January – 31 March 2022. In January 2022, you will also need to pay the separate water charge based on consumption for September–December 2021.

If you have consumed less water during the three-month invoicing period than what you have paid the advance for, we will pay the surplus advance to you at your request if it exceeds 10 euros. If you owe rental debt or other debt to Heka, we will transfer the surplus to cover the debt. If the surplus to be returned is under 10 euros, it will be automatically paid towards your next rent. If your water consumption during the invoicing period exceeds the advance water charge paid, we will charge you for the unpaid sum.

Inform Heka of any changes to the number of occupants

The advance water charge is invoiced based on the number of occupants recorded in the register of occupants. If there are changes to the number of occupants, e.g. someone in your household has moved out, or a baby is born into the family, you need to inform Heka of these changes. The easiest way to do this is via our website.

You can update the information in the register of occupants by contacting your local Heka office.  

Advance invoicing helps avoid large single payments

Advance invoicing has already been tested in some Heka locations, and it has proven practical. Advance invoicing meets the wishes of tenants. In large households with several people, in particular, the lump invoicing every three months has involved significant single sums. When the advance water charge is paid monthly with the rent, the water charge is divided more evenly, and you do not need to pay large lump sums.    
At the moment, the tenants of about a fourth of Heka locations pay for water according to their actual consumption. Today, all new and renovated Heka locations will use water charges based on consumption.