The changes and restrictions we announced in November 2020 on our services are still valid for the time being.

The changes are valid until further notice. Our decisions are based on the recommendations of the City of Helsinki.

Weekly open sauna hours have been stopped, but residents’ own sauna reservations continue as normal

Weekly open sauna hours have been stopped as people typically gather in public saunas in large groups and with people other than their immediate family. 

Residents’ own sauna reservations will continue as normal for the time being. Please follow the good coronavirus etiquette in the sauna: go to the sauna only when you are in good health and take care of hand and coughing hygiene. For your own sauna reservation, it is advised that you go to the sauna only with your immediate family and follow the general recommendations and restriction measures.  

Club facilities and similar shared facilities are closed, laundry rooms stay open

Club facilities and similar exercise and hobby facilities located in our buildings are also closed. Laundry rooms remain open for our residents. 

Please ensure thorough hand and coughing hygiene when using shared facilities. Avoid touching frequently touched surfaces (such as handles, railings and lift buttons) with unwashed or bare hands. 

Use the lift only on your own or with your own party, and follow the safe distance recommendations in the lift, too.

Our customer service points only serve customers by appointment

Our customer service points are closed for the time being. We serve customers by appointment in situations in which visiting our office is necessary for taking care of matters. Examples of such situations include handing over and returning keys. 

Please be aware of these practices when using our services:

  • We recommend that all people over 15 years of age use a face mask at our customer service points.
  • Please take care of hand hygiene when visiting our office and customer service point. Our customer service facilities have hand sanitiser available for our customers. 
  • For the time being, we are avoiding handshaking and other physical contact with our customers.
  • Our staff use disposable gloves when handling keys.

Use our online service or contact us by phone

We are focusing our customer service resources on our online and telephone services. Our telephone service and chat service are open Monday–Friday at 9–15 and on the first and last weekday of every month until 16:00.

We are also taking emergency calls regarding urgent matters in the evenings and at night time as usual. 

You can use our online service to, for example, sign or terminate agreements, submit a non-urgent defect notification, report a change of occupancy or order a statement needed for changing apartments. We also advise on housing issues via the chat on our website. 

Consider leaving your defect notification for later

For the time being, we are not carrying out nonurgent maintenance or repair works that take over one hour to complete in the apartment. Quick repairs that take less than one hour in the apartment and other visits, such as apartment inspections, are still being carried out.

Our staff use protective masks and gloves during the repair works and inspection visits.

If there is a need for repairs in your apartment and a person sick with, exposed to or quarantined due to the coronavirus lives in the apartment, please consider this when submitting a defect notification. If the defect in need of repair is not urgent, please consider leaving the defect notification for later. 

However, if there is need for urgent repairs in your apartment and a sick, exposed or quarantined person lives in the apartment, please include information on this in your defect notification. This will help us be properly prepared.

Our service staff is always in touch with the resident before visiting the apartment. If you have left a defect notification that requires a visit to the apartment, please answer the service staff call from an unknown number.

Any repairs planned for the near future are likely to be postponed. 

Follow our communication channels

Here at Heka we are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely and, when necessary, we take immediate action to stop the spread of the virus. If new restrictions are needed, we will inform you of this on our website and through other communication channels. Bulletins will also be posted in the stairwells of our buildings. Translations will be provided as soon as possible.

We are striving to keep our customer service provision, building management, maintenance and cleaning at an optimal level even during the pandemic.

Updated: 1.3.2021