The latest issue of Heka’s tenant magazine Hima will be delivered to Heka apartments from 4 March. Be sure to look for and keep for future reference the multilingual and illustrated HSY waste sorting instructions delivered with the magazine.

The sorting instructions include waste sorting tips in seven languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonia, Somali and Arabic. The sorting instructions were prepared in collaboration with HSY.

Included as a separate double-page insert with the magazine, the instructions are easy to take out and attach to the door of your cleaning cabinet, for example, to remind you how to sort household waste. Be sure to also notify your neighbours about the sorting instructions via your building’s Facebook group, for example. 

More detailed waste sorting instructions in different languages can be ordered for a fee from HSY. Be sure to also check out the previously published Thank you for sorting at home! videos.

The way you sort your waste has an impact on your building’s waste management expenses. HSY reduced the fees charged for the emptying of sorted waste containers at the start of the year. By contrast, the fees charged for the emptying of unsorted, i.e. mixed, waste containers were increase by an average of 10 per cent.

The latest issue of Hima features long-term Heka tenants from Haaga and some green-fingered tenants from Kontula

The magazine’s main article introduces readers to neighbours Johannes Porttilahti and Mauno Savolainen, who have been living at Heka for several decades. Although their life situations and residential areas have changed over the years, both still enjoy living at Heka on Teuvo Pakkalan tie. 

The magazine also takes readers to another Heka location in Kontula to meet Elina Mäkelä and Kimmo Tallqvist, two tenants who have a passion for houseplants. The two green-fingered tenants talk about their hobby and provide tips on how to choose the right houseplants for you and help them thrive. 

The Heka neighbourhoods column offers an introduction to a new Heka location at Tullivuorentie 22, which was completed early this year. In addition to this, the magazine features information on the consequences of violating the smoking ban, new Heka locations and renovations to be completed this and next year and the naming of the city’s streets.

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