Heka’s residents were satisfied with their housing and Heka as a lessor in 2021 as well. Tenant satisfaction remained at a good level despite the pandemic, even though the overall score decreased slightly. Residents’ satisfaction increased most in matters related to the management of environmental issues. More than 3,300 residents responded to the annual tenant satisfaction survey.

Heka’s tenant satisfaction also remained at a good level during 2021, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall rating for property management, customer service, maintenance and cleaning was 3.61 (on a scale of 1–5), which is a minor decrease from the previous year (3.64). The overall satisfaction with Heka as a lessor increased slightly (4.10).

Customers continued to appreciate the competence and service-mindedness of our staff. Residents were also satisfied with their homes: the overall satisfaction with apartments was at 3.91. Residents were most satisfied with the location (4.38) and size (4.32) of their homes. Residents valued the fact that Heka takes care of its tenants when times are hard: the satisfaction in using services related to difficulties with paying rent was rated at 4.24.

Residents were most dissatisfied with the same things that caused dissatisfaction in previous years. We must improve our measures aimed at addressing disturbances (3.14), waste shelter cleanliness (3.15) and the temperature of flats (3.21) most urgently. We aim to continually improve our actions in these areas, and satisfaction with the cleanliness of waste shelters and addressing disturbances had, in fact, increased slightly when compared to 2020.

Managing environmental issues received praise

The fruits of Heka’s years-long improvement investment in environmental issues can be seen in the survey results: resident satisfaction with the management of environmental issues increased (2020: 3.79; 2021: 3.84) and the recycling options in residential buildings received praise (4.05). New Heka residents and younger age groups, in particular, valued the recycling options in our residential buildings. 

Restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and system updates, for example, reduced tenant satisfaction with customer service slightly. Satisfaction with the opening hours of customer service decreased, as did satisfaction with responses to defect notifications. The pandemic also had an effect on tenant activities at Heka buildings: only 36% of respondents said that they had participated in the activities.

Residents satisfied regardless of place of residence

Place of residence had no impact on tenant satisfaction: The differences between the various areas in which Heka has residential buildings were small and satisfaction was high all over. Numbers from the previous year increased slightly in the areas covered by the southern and eastern offices. When measured in the sum of the variables for property management, maintenance and repairs as well as cleaning, tenant satisfaction was highest in the eastern and southern areas. Tenants were, however, consistently very satisfied: the overall averages varied between 3.54 and 3.71.

Generally, satisfaction with maintenance and repairs was slightly lower compared to satisfaction with property management, customer service and cleaning. Ratings fell slightly from the previous year in all areas, but remained at a good level. 

Sixty-six per cent of respondents would recommend Heka as a lessor

NPS, or the net promoter score measuring the residents’ willingness to recommend Heka remained at the same level as in 2020: +58. Sixty-six per cent of the respondents would very likely recommend Heka with a score of 9 or 10 (on a scale of 0–10). The proportion of detractors, i.e. those who gave Heka a score of 0–6, was only 8%. Young women, those living alone and those who had been Heka tenants for less than four years recommended Heka. Families with children and those who had been Heka tenants for a long time were the most critical of Heka.

*NPS: The Net Promoter Score measures tenants’ willingness to recommend living at Heka via the question “how likely is it that you would recommend living at Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy to your friends and acquaintances.” The results are presented as the difference between the percentage of detractors (those who gave a rating of 0–6) and promoters (those who gave a rating of 9–10). As such, the range of results is from -100 to +100.

More than 3,300 tenants voiced their opinion

The tenant satisfaction survey was sent to 14,000 Heka homes in November 2021. Half of the tenants received the survey form by post and half via e-mail. The recipients of the posted survey also had the option to respond online.

We received responses from 3,329 residents. Thus, the response rate was 24 per cent, which is more than seven percentage points higher than in 2020. 

The responses to the survey were compiled into statistics and reported by the independent research company Feedback Oy.